Monday, December 12, 2011

Some Pictures

I’ve taken pictures. No we haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth.


You’ve compelled me to wake this blog back up from it’s hibernation.

Kind of.

We’re just here…enjoying the new house, getting our act together and …

Sharing a room with our kids.

Because having a gigantic house isn’t enough…

all 5 of us (including the dog) Share.A.Room.

Like we brought in the girls mattresses and we pull them out from under our bed each night.

It’s crazy… but it’s actually kind of nice.

Lauren and Chloe have been completely terrible sleepers for the last couple months…

I’m talking like wouldn’t go to sleep until 9 or so and wake up between 1 and 4 and after 4 were up for good.

So at least this way I’m not up and down the stairs all night long and oddly enough they’re sleeping a little better.





Monday, October 31, 2011

Crazy Little Garden Gnomes

So I think the girls win for most attention…

…like always.

Today was definitely no exception!

We had a REALLY busy day so I’m just posting pictures.

Yes. there are a million. No, they aren’t retouched.

Sorry. I’m exhausted.

We started at Chloe’s preschool for her little parade and party. It was so cute but Chloe wanted me right next to her; she thought I was playing a dirty trick and was going to leave her there when she wasn’t looking.

But Lauren…


During the parade, she kept marching around and would randomly stop and bust a dance move.

It was so funny and always, she had everyone cracking up and taking pictures and laughing at her.

That kid lives to dance.


I turned my back on her for 30 seconds and couldn’t find her.

I started to panic. Then I thought…why not check in the little kids class… the one she would be in if we were millionaires and could put her in school.

Sure enough, I found her going down the slide.

She was so proud of her secret find.




The lady in the dress is Miss Leah. She would be Lauren’s teacher and as you can see, she was completely captivating… Lauren couldn’t take her eyes off her.


She LOST it when we left.

She was MAD.

And the apple pictures are from last week. I forgot to post them.

I think.






These are the girls new BFFs. Their moms both moved here within a week or so of us and the girl next to Lauren is 3 days older than Chloe while the one on the far left is a month younger than Chloe.

So pretty much a match made in heaven.

Doesn’t hurt that I like spending time with their moms also.

It’s amazing how quickly we’ve become good friends.

This picture made all of us think about how much trouble these 4 would get into if we let them grow up together.


I guess Chris better get that shotgun and start cleaning it on the porch now.






Lastly, I want to show these two pictures from the day Lauren turned 2.


I don’t’ remember if I already did a post with these…but in any case…

I love this sweet, silly, hilarious, dancing fool!


Happy Halloween!