Friday, May 28, 2010


I can't help it.
I'm slightly frustrated.
Not mad, just think medical hoopla gets old.
Feel free to read this. Or not...
It's up to you and it's totally confusing, but I'm sure most of us can relate in one way or another.

A couple weeks back, I made Chloe a dentist appointment at what is supposedly 'the best' dentists office.
Anyway, the staff there so far has been amazing.
It's rare to call a doctors office and have someone who genuinely sounds happy answer the phone.
I have a great vibe already.
Problem is that when they asked if she had any heart related condition, I mentioned her really tiny, totally insignificant heart murmur.
I will know better next time to not be honest about medical history.
**cue spaz attack**
In the back of my head, I panicked...and thought, "Oh my gosh! What is she has a special need and I take her pretending she doesn't have a heart murmur and she panics and something happens!!!"
So I was honest and told them.
Anyway, her appointment is Tuesday Morning.
The office has been awesome and has been in contact with her pediatric cardiologists office in Santa Barbara every day trying to get a release from the Ped. Cardi stating she doesn't need medication prior to dental procedures.
Evidently it's a requirement before she can be seen.

So anyway the Cardiologists front office lady was a total jerk to the dentists' office... they required I call and give release to have them send a note (which I did and I don't have a problem doing... the problem was that I talked to YaHida from the cardiolgosists office and she was RUDE to me as well, but she said she'd fax a release. I could almost SEE her eyes rolling over the phone). Anyway, it's been 2 weeks and the dentists office has called repeatedly and still no fax and now YaHida is saying that it's not their job, the release needs to come from the Primary Card we contact THEIR office who states it's a cardiac issue and the cardiologist needs to send it... ARGH!

Why does it have to be so difficult?
She told me they'd do it so I'm sure they have done it in the past.
She's just lazy and doesn't want to do it ... she could have spent 5 minutes in the beginning taking care of it and only been called once... but now I'm going to make her life annoying today... what could have taken 5 minutes will take a good hour and an extra 6 or 7 people to make it happen.
IF it happens.
If not, at least I don't have to take 2 little kids into the dentists office on my birthday.
SO maybe YaHida is actually doing me a favor by not doing her job.

However, when I finally get them to fax my letter, you can be SURE that I am canceling our future appointments and going to a new Pediatric Cardiologist.
Staff wisely, docs!

But honestly, I was looking forward to this dentists office...they have a HUGE fish's in the exam rooms, murals, video games... I mean...seriously now! I want to go here!

Ok. Rant over. In actuality I can't help smiling from the annoyance.
It's a 3 day weekend!!!
Then again, each day is a weekend for me...
But I love weekends because Chris is home!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Months

 IMG_0228     IMG_0274     

A few days late…


(of course)

Tardiness seems to be our thing around here.

Well HELLO, Lovie!


I can’t believe you’re mine!


Lauren seriously has just been getting cuter by the minute.


She went through a little ‘phase’ last week where she wanted to be held 24/7.

It proved to be a slightly difficult week with both girls, but I am really such a schmuck for this kid that I was happy to hold her as much as I could.



We are really appreciating every moment with her while she’s little.

Before she becomes independent. And starts having tantrums.


She’s SO vocal now, constantly babbling “Dadadadada”.

Not to mention she’s really getting mobile.


She has been able to crawl for a few days now but it wasn’t until today that I started having to really keep an eye on her…


She’s on the move!


She and Chloe really have a great time together now…

Sometimes they’re just content to laugh with each other.


Ohh and you have the longest eyelashes…


(along with your sister)

You are sleeping from 6:15ish to between 5:45 and 6:15 every day.

A little early for my taste, but that’s how you girls have been from the start…


You eat 3 8oz bottles a day…


You have started eating solids every evening.

There isn’t enough solid food in the world to appease you.


You can eat your weight in squash and pears if we’d let you.

I am honestly amazed at how wide you’ll open your mouth…


…and how quickly you can put away a serving (or two!)…

You’re wearing size 3 diapers and anywhere from 3 month to 9 month clothes.

You are called “Midge” as often as we call you Lauren…

My other favorite nickname for you is ‘ticklebug’… you are SO ticklish.

Sometimes I sing a song to you that goes, “Chicken-wing, chicken-wing, Chicken-wing Lauren”… Not only do YOU get a huge kick out of it, but Chloe LOVES the song. 

I decided one day your arms kept flapping like a chickens all crazy-like so I made up the song… and crazy as it is, it totally stuck.

And no, I will not sing it for an audience!

Oh and one more thing…

We love you to pieces!!!


Happy 7 months babycakes.

video video video

Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best (Early) Present…

You could ever give a mom for her birthday??

Photos of herself!!

Just kidding.

Ok… how about photos of herself + husband?


That’s nice…

But what’s even better?

Photos that involve her and her little family.



My cousin and her cute boyfriend came and took some pictures of us…



Except one toddler wasn’t having ANY of it.

That is, until she once again became the center of attention.

It’s like she knew the focus was 100% on her.

We decided to take pictures without her!


The wind also gave us a little run for our money :)


But all in all, we still got some winners…


Even if we had to let Chloe stuff her face with Fruit Loops to do it.

So anyway…


Here are my loves.

I am just bursting with pride.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you C&P


P.S. I LOVE how Chloe is looking at me in this picture…



And my monkey… you know smiling for the camera isn’t exactly his thing, but he’s great at it!


Ohh and one thing I realized??

I really need to learn some photoshop tricks…

There are way too many pictures with a mouth full of ‘loops…


I can’t get rid of the evidence!  

DSC_0029_2    DSC_0126_1    IMG_9930_1


You guessed it!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lauren Eats...

Sisterly Love.

I’m giving you a post with pictures…


I love these kids.

They are SO cute.

I’m sure you need a break from videos for a few minutes…

I have SO many random videos.

Some much better than others I’m sure you’ve realized.

But the best thing lately?

The whole sisterly love thing.

ohhh and silly faces…

Ohh and the super duper curly-q hair…


This is a mild day:


You should see the kid after a bath.


Delightfully cute. 


Doing puzzles together…

IMG_9723_1 IMG_9726_1 IMG_9728_1 IMG_9740_1 

Silly face # 4,382,382 today:

IMG_9747_1 IMG_9750_1 IMG_9752_1 IMG_9756_1


Seriously…is this kid REALLY mine?
I am constantly in awe.


She is hilarious, outgoing, amazing, adorable, cuddly, vivacious, and independent.

And strong-willed.

I’ll spare you Tantrum photo # 4,283,382 from this morning.


Chloe may have competition for Penelope.


Lauren seems to want to re-claim hers…

  IMG_9617_1 IMG_9619_1


IMG_9620_1 IMG_9625

Ok. This just killed me this morning.


It went on forEVER…


And Lauren LOVEd it.


Chloe loved it even more.


I thinks she’s finding there are quite a few benefits to having a baby sister.

As if she didn’t already love her a ton, she now has realized Lauren can serve as her very own, live, giggling baby doll!   IMG_9649_1  IMG_9653_1 IMG_9660_1  IMG_9665_1 IMG_9666_1 IMG_9675 IMG_9683

Oh yeah…then there’s this chick who FINALLY got her hair done.


Every 7 months isnt too long, right?!

Ok. Back to the crazies!