Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big One...

For those of you who don't already know, we're about to throw you a curve ball. I'm not sure anybody expected us to be the next ones announcing this....
But Guess What?!

That's ours.
It's not Chloe!
Due Date: October 29th, 2009
It's been hard keeping this quiet, but we wanted to make sure everything was a-ok.
We got back from our NT scan this morning and the doctor gave us a great report.

I've been extremely nervous because I've felt so... Normal... but so far, this baby is a piece of cake just like Chloe was. Well, except for the whole making me YA KNOW on the plane. Twice.
Note to self: Never fly when pregnant.
That shouldn't be a problem because this is most likely our last pregnancy... I have to admit, It's sad to think about that. I do love being pregnant...
Who knows... Perhaps 10 years down the road we'll change our mind and try for that elusive boy. Haha. I'm not sure Chris could handle 3 daughters and a wife if we're wrong, however.

By the way, NO, we do not know the gender... although... I'm going to pretend I am a sonographer and say I know what I saw... and I saw... NADA. Actually, that ultrasound pic looks IDENTICAL to Chloe's :)
I'd love it if we got another chance to wear some of Chloe's ridiculously cute outfits. It is so sad to put them away after she only wore them a few times!!

Easter Pics...At Last!


We're home from our big adventures and our household is having a tough time returning to normal. By 'our household', I mean one LITTLE person specifically. Here is a quick update.
She goes to bed right away at 6:30 and sleeps straight until 1:30 or so. Yes. 1:30. Then she's up for good... but you know she's exhausted. The only sleep she gets after that point is when we give in and put her in bed with us (Not a good habit for her to develop after being so independent for so long)... She also flat out refuses naps unless she's in bed with me napping.
However, I'm not sure it's due to the time change at this point.
Big News:
Yesterday I found her 2 bottom teeth on the center are trying to break through. HOORAY! We won't have a toothless mongrel forever! Advice needed: How long does this take and is this the culprit of her poor sleep habits lately?
Also noteworthy, she has learned to pull herself up on EVERYTHING, and every 2 minutes after her 1:30 am wakeup call, she's standing at the end of her crib crying for us. Advice needed: How long does this take for them to get over and is this the culprit of her poor sleep habits lately?

Someone please save us.
I don't sleep when she's sleeping on me and I can't let the kid cry for hours on end.
Crying it out doesn't work for her. It sends her into a full blown panic that takes forever to calm down from.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Blast From The Past

In Claremont, Chloe has had the opportunity to enjoy all sorts of old relics from my very own childhood.
Such as my trike...
Which appears to possibly have a tetanus laden bolt.

Chloe loves it nonetheless.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


I'm finally getting a chance to go through all the videos I've taken lately.
This is from her 7 month photo shoot.
You can tell that she's proud of herself for pulling herself up onto things.
You go girl!

Chloe Misses Her Daddy

Chloe and I are in Claremont until we leave for Boston on Friday.
That means Chloe and I are 200 miles + from her daddy for an extended amount of time.
We miss him a ton.

Don't worry - I do have cute Easter Pictures from our Photoshoot with ADORABLE cousin Ashley, I just can't post them because they're in the wrong format that only my computer with fancy schmancy photoshop at home can understand. Make sense? So yeah. You'll have to wait until April 24th+ to see them. So sorry.

We also went to see the Angels VS. Red Sox on Saturday with my parents.
We had ridiculous seats and it was SO much fun, there were 5 home runs!! Wowzers. Chloe was a doll the entire game (of course!) and she was a big hit with all the people around us. Thanks for taking us, Papa & Mimi! Chloe really did enjoy the game. Chris and I enjoyed it 10x more...especially since we had babysitters.

This post is taking me a long time to write. Why, you might ask??
I keep having to chase after Chloe who has made it her job to find things she shouldn't be playing with!!
I love that she's able to be more independent.

Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Months...

Two posts in one day... I know... Unheard of.

Chloe grows more and more each day.

She's becoming QUITE vocal although you'd never know it because she's usually a mute unless she's around Chris and I.
Silly Girl. She prefers to bat her eye lashes and flirt with everyone else.
EVERYONE loves Chloe. Could be because she's always so good...
Could also be because nobody can resist a big, huge flower headband.
If I could make her sleep in it, I would. Well, actually she has slept in it (in her car seat). She quite enjoys it. She knows she's beautiful.
(Thanks Mimi & Papa!!!!)

Chloe is a FABULOUS baby/Infant/Almost grown woman. Yikes.

Ok. I know that's a long way off. But still.
She's LOVES her bath time, she splashes like it's going out of style...
she just looks up at us with her water soaked face and smiles her big, huge gummy grin.
She has taken a liking to repeating babababababababa incessantly and randomly throwing in a dada or a mama. I won't hold my breath.
But, I guess, in the biggest news of all, she's become a pro at crawling. When she wants to.
The biggest surprise? No teeth yet!
Chloe also hates HATES HATES when you wipe her face after dinner. She doesn't like that you have ended her meal service and she certainly would rather you don't wipe her face. When I say she hates it, I mean she's in complete hysterics and the only thing that will calm her down is more food or a pacifier. She's serious about eating.


Today Chloe turned 7 months.
It almost snuck up on me, until I was paying $80 for diapers and the checkout woman asked how old she was.
I almost forgot today was the 10th! We have LOTS to do today and now I must add in "7 month photoshoot" to my already momentous to-d0 list.
Today is my last day at 'home' for a couple weeks.
I sure am going to miss my own warm comfy bed, my warm, comfy husband and equally as much, the fact that my daughter sleeps fabulously when she's in her own element.
Hopefully I'll survive.
Turns out she's a go-with-the-flow kinda girl only to a certain point.
I can't even begin explaining what's on our agenda in the coming days, but I do have a couple highlights...
1. We're taking Chloe to her first Angels game tomorrow vs. the Red Sox!! I am so excited. I've always loved baseball and Chris does too. I have great memories at baseball games so hopefully we can manage to get her to as many as possible.
2. Easter with my family. I'm really REALLY looking forward to this. I hate that we're so far from family and we have to hear about how fun a holiday was... I'm glad we'll be able to be a part of it, especially since it's Chloe's first!
3. My parents pool. Delish. Chloe and I are camping out at my parents house (ok, not literally camping) from Saturday to Friday when we leave for Boston. Hopefully the weather will allow for some pool time for us.
4. BOSTON! I don't have a lot to say - I'm anxious about the travel/fly thing but I can't wait to see my nieces and my sister! Woo Hoo!!

Ya know... There's more, but I'll update you when I can!

That reminds me... a totally biased woman left a comment on my blog the other day (I say biased because she's my very own mom), but she said something that keeps resonating in my head. She said (and I quote),
"Motherhood Becomes You"

I have to be honest, that's probably the nicest compliment anyone has ever given me. I'm learning as our family delves further and further into this whole child-rearing adventure that this is really what I've always dreamed of.

Yeah, being a millionaire would be nice and all, but not worth it for a second if it meant I'd have to sacrifice my day-to-day routine.

The ability to wake up and not be rushing out the door only to come home and be too exhausted to appreciate my daughters triumphs, the ability to cuddle Chloe when she refuses to nap in her crib and pull her into bed with me where she giggles with me under the covers, eventually nodding off, her delicious baby breath on my face. I can't ask for anything more.

I'll never be able to thank Chris enough for also wanting me to stay home with our daughter. How do you explain to someone that on a daily basis they make it possible for you to live your dream??

Have a fabulous Easter!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Dear Husband...

I thank you very much for your dedicated computer repair services.
Because of you, I can now enjoy this face on my newly fixed computer once again.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I didn't do it!

I do have cute pictures to share...However, I can't prove it because my computer is 'out of service' temporarily (hopefully temporarily). I am hoping that my computer repair man will make a house call tonight when he gets home from work :) and it will be up and running soon... But trust me. It wasn't my fault. I didn't do it!
Speaking of running. Chloe LOVES to 'run' in place in her little exersaucer thing. It's the cutest thing on earth. (Aside from splashing in the bath). She gets a HUGE kick out of it. We do too. (DUH. I'm master of the obvious today...)
Sooo to say I'm sorry for the lack of pictures... I'll give you a video (which I know you like more anyway). Enjoy!