Monday, April 27, 2009


We're home from our big adventures and our household is having a tough time returning to normal. By 'our household', I mean one LITTLE person specifically. Here is a quick update.
She goes to bed right away at 6:30 and sleeps straight until 1:30 or so. Yes. 1:30. Then she's up for good... but you know she's exhausted. The only sleep she gets after that point is when we give in and put her in bed with us (Not a good habit for her to develop after being so independent for so long)... She also flat out refuses naps unless she's in bed with me napping.
However, I'm not sure it's due to the time change at this point.
Big News:
Yesterday I found her 2 bottom teeth on the center are trying to break through. HOORAY! We won't have a toothless mongrel forever! Advice needed: How long does this take and is this the culprit of her poor sleep habits lately?
Also noteworthy, she has learned to pull herself up on EVERYTHING, and every 2 minutes after her 1:30 am wakeup call, she's standing at the end of her crib crying for us. Advice needed: How long does this take for them to get over and is this the culprit of her poor sleep habits lately?

Someone please save us.
I don't sleep when she's sleeping on me and I can't let the kid cry for hours on end.
Crying it out doesn't work for her. It sends her into a full blown panic that takes forever to calm down from.


Anonymous said...

Here is my advice.....what goes around comes around. this is called motherhood! Enjoy it while it lasts. One day you will be looking in her room, remembering Chloe standing in her crib crying for you. It leaves an imprint on your heart that never goes away! Wrap your arms around it and love her like you do. It is so fleeting. Love you Jenny....Your mom. xoxo

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing our new little family member and her big sister! Need more pictures of your trip with cousins too please.
Can't wait for baby you guys. Aunt Suzy

Rachel said...

HAHA just read this one and the time it takes for her teeth to come in varies. Part of the reason she is not sleeping could definitely be because she can now pull to a stand. It happens whenever they learn they can do something new. They are so excited to be able to do it, they stand up whenever they can. =) Give it a couple of weeks and it will probably be better. Hehe