Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chloe Misses Her Daddy

Chloe and I are in Claremont until we leave for Boston on Friday.
That means Chloe and I are 200 miles + from her daddy for an extended amount of time.
We miss him a ton.

Don't worry - I do have cute Easter Pictures from our Photoshoot with ADORABLE cousin Ashley, I just can't post them because they're in the wrong format that only my computer with fancy schmancy photoshop at home can understand. Make sense? So yeah. You'll have to wait until April 24th+ to see them. So sorry.

We also went to see the Angels VS. Red Sox on Saturday with my parents.
We had ridiculous seats and it was SO much fun, there were 5 home runs!! Wowzers. Chloe was a doll the entire game (of course!) and she was a big hit with all the people around us. Thanks for taking us, Papa & Mimi! Chloe really did enjoy the game. Chris and I enjoyed it 10x more...especially since we had babysitters.

This post is taking me a long time to write. Why, you might ask??
I keep having to chase after Chloe who has made it her job to find things she shouldn't be playing with!!
I love that she's able to be more independent.

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