Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!

Warning: There is a ridiculous number of pictures and videos in this post. Please also disregard my annoying voice while I try to get Chloe to smile.

This is what Chris woke up this morning to find:
Needless to say, he was beyond mortified. I, however, love it. She has ridiculous own booties that jingle too. Sorry you can't see that in the pictures. It really sets off the outfit... look at her; already accessorizing!

She does NOT like having an owl on her shoulder!
Get it off! Get it off!!

Chloe is 7 weeks old now and for the last two nights, she has put up with us keeping her awake until 7:30 pm (A HUGE feat!), and as a result has slept until about 3:00 am both nights! I actually got more than 3 hours of connected sleep. Way to go, Chloe!!

She also learned that it's funny to pull my hair. Next on my agenda: Chop off hair.

Hope everyone has a wonderful, safe halloween full of candy! Hopefully we'll get some trick-or-treaters so we don't end up eating all our candy by ourselves. Yikes.

Ok, in other hugely exciting news, it's obvious that Chloe has realized she has feet. She just doesn't know what to do about it. They are fun and exciting to watch, however (see video).

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chloe Gets A Pumpkin...

...and Gets IN!

She actually liked being in her pumpkin and cried when we took her out. Don't worry - we made sure she didn't get any pumpkin on her outfit! :)

Visitors and a Pumpkin Patch

This weekend Aunt Kelly and Nate came down to meet Chloe. Kelly and I decided a trip to the Avila Valley Barn was in order for their visit, so we got up really early to go before the crowds! It was tons of fun and we even got some cute pictures.

she's very advanced...she's waving :)

Nice tongue, Chloe.

SO Typical - everyone at her beck and call!

Kelly and Nate!

Chloe has decided she also loves her Baby Bjorn.

All tuckered out from an exhausting trip to the barn!

Friday, October 24, 2008

All Grown Up...

The last couple days have found me pretty emotional, not necessarily in a bad way, but I'm having to acknowledge that Chloe is changing and growing. The last 5 days or so, it's like night and day. She's completely her own person now, she's making a ton of noises, mimicking our noises, she cracks the biggest grins, she is now interested in her toys, she likes to watch us and follow us with her eyes...

But really, for me, the hardest part has been having to retire a couple of her newborn outfits. I feel like she just got a chance to break them in! She can't be growing out of them yet. Part of me is excited because it means we're almost into the really cute outfits but I miss the onesie that's like the size of a thumbnail. We're even out of newborn diapers now! When did she grow?! When did her arms fill out and get those adorable baby rolls??

I can't believe she's growing up right before our eyes. I keep wondering if we've taken enough pictures, enough videos, if I've memorized every second of her life I can... I don't want to forget or miss a single thing.

I know this sounds crazy, but every night when I put her to bed, I watch her on the monitor and can't wait for her to wake up so I can have her back in my arms while she still wants to be there. NO matter what time it is, or how exhausted I am, I love and appreciate every minute with her...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I caught it!

Well, to celebrate Chloe's 6 week birthday today, she decided to let me catch a big grin on her face with the camera! YAY!

So without further adieu...

Our smiling baby~!

Which reminds me...not only did she smile for the camera, but she slept from about 6 pm last night until 2 am., only waking a few times needing her pacifier. Way to go girl! (Don't worry - I won't expect it to happen again). But wait, that's not the best part. That comes when she didn't need to eat again until 6 am! THEN she took a little nap between 7 and 8. What a girl. That's evidently what happens when she doesn't nap the day before. No nap for her today :)

By the way - I have videos but Blogger is being a PITA so I'll try again later... I have to get us ready for my 6 week checkup today. Yay.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

LOooonnngggg Videos :)

As requested by more than one person now...
A Longer Video.
I have more where that came from, but for some reason it's not letting me download them!!

Feel free to click off if you get bored.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Too Cute.

Child abuse.

Call the Authorities. I harass my child by taking pictures of her when she should be napping. How could you NOT?!

She is so annoyed with the camera at this point.
That's my girl!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pancakes, Bows and Smiles!

Well, lucky for me, Chris has taken on the arduous task of making breakfast for us on the weekends. :) I love it and hope it's something he continues to do once in a while, Chloe will love it. I loved when my dad would make breakfast for us. Chris also took Chloe for me Sunday morning - her 3 am waking deal just isn't that easy to handle every day all by yourself. We also went to San Luis for lunch and had a lovely walk down the pier in Avila. Look how cute she looked. I learned that with a little effort, we can even get a bow into her hair!!

Well, somewhere around 8 am (remember I'm in my sleey stupor), he comes in and proudly displays our daughter who has been smiling at him all morning!! SMILING!!! It's the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. It will seriously melt your heart. Too bad I can't catch it on camera or video for you! You'll have to wait to see her in person I guess... I can't believe she went to bed a little baby girl and just woke up (what seems like 10 years older), smiling. Amazing. I spent this morning with her getting googly eyes and big grins from her. What a perfect day.

Chloe Enjoying her Swing... What A LIFESAVER!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


So, hypothetically if you feed a baby at 5:30 pm but they don't go to sleep until about 7pm, only to wake up at about 10:30 pm, FINALLY go back to bed around 12, wake up at 3, FINALLY go back to bed around 4:30 and up again FOR GOOD at 6:15... is that considered sleeping through the night? Because I'm sure not buyin' it.

Let's do the math.

That's 500 shhhh's,

6,000 rocks in the rocking chair

and 10,000 trips to put the paci back in her mouth...
Sleep for mom = about a total of 4.5 hours.

What's ironic is that once I finally get her to sleep, despite the fact that we have the uber trendy video monitor so I can SEE her, I still forego sleep and go in and check to make sure she's breathing.

I have to say that last night was a good night of sleep for us. I feel like we're finally making progress away from the every 2.5-3 hour feedings at night. Woohoo! Chris thinks Im' crazy when I start getting her ready for bed a little after 5, but she really does much better the earlier you try to put her down. Besides, if she's going to sleep until around 10:30 pm whether she goes down at 5:30 or 9, I'll take the few extra hours to get a few things done while she blissfully sleeps :)
Dang she's cute. Yup. I'm pretty much completely head over heels for her. *sigh*

Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Month

Chloe has been with us for an entire month today!
All that makes me realize is that it's a month I'll never get back with her.
A month that is now a memory.
Good thing we have lots of pictures to remember it by.

When she falls asleep in my arms, I never want to put her down because I know when I do, she'll be that much older and bigger. It's so sad; the clothes that used to swim on her are now bulging at the sides. She was 8 lbs 14 oz on Wednesday. By next week, she'll be well into the 9lbs!

She gets so much attention wherever we go; I took her to Costco AND Vons yesterday and she was a perfect peach. The young guy putting our Costco things back in our cart kept talking to her and marveling at how little she was, etc. All the employees at Vons left their cash registers to swarm her and ooh and ahh. It's so fun to show her off!
Does she look 1.5 lb bigger??

My Sleeping Beauty!