Thursday, April 29, 2010

Point and Shoot

Along with my IPOD, Chloe has also taken over my old point and shoot.

And point and shoot she does.

pointandshoot 105

Here are some of her winners.

pointandshoot 011 pointandshoot 018    pointandshoot 093 pointandshoot 095  pointandshoot 100pointandshoot 102 

I’ve been so sentimental about the girls getting older.

I am tempted to just video an entire day so I can watch it when I’m older and wish I had taken more video.

Lauren is getting so big. She’s sitting on her own (for the most part) and babbling/gurgling like crazy.

She has slept from 6:30 to 6 am every day for about a week.

Yesterday when she woke up at 6, I gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep until almost 8.

Easiest baby ever.

I’m sure that means we’ll pay later.

Our girls are such independent sleepers.

Minus the pacis and numerous lovies they need to go down.

pointandshoot 063

Ya just plop ‘em in their cribs and they are out like a light.

Down for the count.

pointandshoot 070

But for now, I couldn’t help but go into Lauren’s room last night, pull her out of her bed and put her into the *squeakiest* spare bed on earth and cuddle with her for a while.

She opened her eyes, took my hand, rolled towards me and went back to sleep.

I highly suggest tempting fate and doing the same thing for yourself if you have young ones.


pointandshoot 073

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pod Pod

Chloe has adopted my IPOD for herself.
She walks around saying "Pod Pod, Pod Pod"...
Followed by "Help pease" when she can't figure out how to work it.
Then again, she can somehow get it into the mode where you can override all kinds of things...some weird menu you can get only when you push specific buttons. I'm not sure how she does it...
Lauren had her 6 month checkup.
Funny thing.
She weighs less at 6 months than Chloe did at 4.
And she's 1/2 an inch taller than Chloe was.
I think Lauren weighed 16.6 lbs and was 26.75'' long.
Way to go, peanut!

No pictures. Horrible, I know.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lazy Saturday.

Love love love it.

IMG_8800 IMG_8807 IMG_8811  IMG_8817 IMG_8818 IMG_8819 IMG_8840 IMG_8842 IMG_8846 IMG_8848 IMG_8850_1 IMG_8850_2 IMG_8853 IMG_8856 IMG_8864 IMG_8867 IMG_8873 IMG_8879 IMG_8884  IMG_8887 IMG_8900


She was FREEZING playing in the water.

She’d dump some on herself and it would take her breath away…

Monday, April 19, 2010

6 Months.


This new scrunched up belly laugh is my favorite thing ever.


I love seeing your toothless mouth crack up.


Your smile literally lights up the room.


You smile from Ear to Ear anytime anyone glances in your direction.


The only time you cry is in the evening when you just want to go to sleep. IMG_8253

Between 4 and 6:30.


I know I’m going to Jinx it, but you’ve been doing awesome with your sleeping.


I love peeking in on you while you sleep.


Still so small yet SO much bigger than when you were first born.IMG_8760

You’re working very hard at learning to sit…


…But you always end up in a face-plant after a couple seconds.


It’s ok.
I know that one day, you’ll just get it.

And from then on…



Ya know.

You babble a TON.

Some of that involves high pitched squealing.

Love it.


You are using your hands like a pro now and you’re learning to put your own paci back in your mouth.

I’ve been looking forward to this.


Now if time could just freeze.

Right this minute, that would be great.


You’re sleeping from 6:30 pm to around 6 am.

You get your paci 1-2 times a night.

6:00 am you get an 8oz bottle.

8:00 am you take a little snooze.

Once you wake up, we usually head out to enjoy the beautiful days we’ve been having.

You love going in the stroller. I don’t hear a peep from you and you tend to fall asleep 3 minutes before we get home!!

You get an other 8 oz bottle around 12:00 when you (and Chloe) go down for a nap. 

Your schedule goes crazy at this point and depending on the length of your nap, you’ll usually nap once or twice more in the afternoon.

At 6:30 you get your last 8oz bottle and you’re out.

Ohhh yeah… You also get 2-3 oz of prune juice at some point during your day.

You tend to give back an ounce or so of it soon afterwards.


I don’t blame you.


That stuff is NASTY.

Poor midget.

Yes. We still call you midget.


You are just so dang petite. We can’t help it.


But don’t worry, you’ll outgrow it soon I’m sure.


You still enjoy your swing once in a while but you can now grab the butterflies and you alligator roll in it even though you’re strapped in, so your days in this are numbered.            


You also spend a lot of time here, under your activity mat.IMG_8699

It never ceases to amaze you.

Unless you’ve been there too long in which case you don’t find it fun or funny anymore.


I think this may be my new favorite picture of you:  

IMG_8601_3  IMG_8601_5So sweet. So content. So very Lauren. 

I can’t stand it. You smile CONSTANTLY.


Like, pinch-your-cheeks-and-blow-raspberries can’t stand it.


And… What’s awesome?


I think you may just be a mama’s girl.