Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter!

Don’t be jealous…

But this is where I spent my weekend.


Yes. That is the ocean.


We had a lovely visit down south with my sister and Ashley

… and of course the Gigi and Papa.

…All I did all weekend was Relax in the hot sun while watching the entertainment and workin’ on my tan.


Chloe had a lot of fun.



Ashley not so much.

IMG_7953IMG_7950 Nevertheless, there were a few smiles to be had!


Not to mention lots of candy to eat!

IMG_7861 IMG_7869 IMG_7874

Dad and I even took this sweet little thing for a gorgeous ocean-view walk.



Peek A Boo!

We see you!

(Is it weird to see your house from this view?)

IMG_8042 (1)IMG_8065 (1)

There was even a big earthquake while we were there!!

IMG_8052 (1)

I say big because I haven’t been in one in YEARS.

I’d like it to stay that way.

   Gigi. You were too busy trying to help me keep my children contained and this is the best picture I have of you.



This is it.

I am sorry!

Papa, however, had plenty of time to take a load off and nap in the sun.

Chloe joined him after her 6th hour playing in the outdoor sink.

IMG_8068 (1) IMG_8082_1   IMG_7799_3  IMG_7686 IMG_7755 IMG_7731  IMG_7743 IMG_7742IMG_7746_2 IMG_7747_2 IMG_7749_2 IMG_7752 IMG_7706 IMG_7708_2 (1)

IMG_7612 IMG_7622


I’m sorry but that is so stinkin’ cute.

Ashley really took a liking to Lauren while we were down.

Thanks for babysitting, Ashley!!

P.S. Chloe keeps saying “Ash” over and over.

And Over.


Obviously she is smitten with you.

And finally…

Don’t be shocked…

But I got in FRONT of the lens a little bit myself!IMG_7763_1 IMG_7764_1   IMG_7767_2

Gigi, thank you for taking those pictures.

Perhaps having some makeup on or my hair done would have been a nice addition.

Nevertheless, they just about double the number of pictures I am in since 2007.

IMG_8049 (1) IMG_8050 (1)    IMG_7774_3

Wait! Gigi’s in another picture! See your hand??


Thanks for having us down, Tracee.

I have missed you.

   We’ll have to hang out in the pool next time!


Anonymous said...

Oh! Perfect weekend and so beautifully captured by your photos. Loved every minute of having you here Jenny. You are welcome any time! Love you and the girls so much!!! Love, Aunt T

Anonymous said...

How lucky we are to have a photographer in the family. You really capture the perfection in everyone...(except of course me). I love looking at the pictures over and over again and changing my screen saver at work daily. Love you all....and to Tracee...thanks for being so good to us! xoxoxoMOM/GIGI

Anonymous said...

I am back for another look. Love you. xoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Yep...I am back again looking for more! Thinking of all of you today. xooxoxMOM