Thursday, April 29, 2010

Point and Shoot

Along with my IPOD, Chloe has also taken over my old point and shoot.

And point and shoot she does.

pointandshoot 105

Here are some of her winners.

pointandshoot 011 pointandshoot 018    pointandshoot 093 pointandshoot 095  pointandshoot 100pointandshoot 102 

I’ve been so sentimental about the girls getting older.

I am tempted to just video an entire day so I can watch it when I’m older and wish I had taken more video.

Lauren is getting so big. She’s sitting on her own (for the most part) and babbling/gurgling like crazy.

She has slept from 6:30 to 6 am every day for about a week.

Yesterday when she woke up at 6, I gave her a bottle and she went back to sleep until almost 8.

Easiest baby ever.

I’m sure that means we’ll pay later.

Our girls are such independent sleepers.

Minus the pacis and numerous lovies they need to go down.

pointandshoot 063

Ya just plop ‘em in their cribs and they are out like a light.

Down for the count.

pointandshoot 070

But for now, I couldn’t help but go into Lauren’s room last night, pull her out of her bed and put her into the *squeakiest* spare bed on earth and cuddle with her for a while.

She opened her eyes, took my hand, rolled towards me and went back to sleep.

I highly suggest tempting fate and doing the same thing for yourself if you have young ones.


pointandshoot 073


Anonymous said...

Jenny. Those ("pictures?") that Chloe has taken with her/your "point and shoot" cracked me up. I mean laugh out loud cracked me up. Your girls keep me focused on what is important in life. They make my day everyday! Thanks honey for sharing so much of you...and them. I am so blessed..all of us are.xoxooxMOM

Anonymous said...

Good morning girls. Gigi/Mom loves you all. xoxoxo