Wednesday, June 30, 2010

3 years.

Love you Monkey.
So much.
Here are a few pictures from our 1st Anniversary.

Believe it or not, this will be my first anniversary not pregnant.
Have to say I'm excited to have a few cocktails!
Although I'm not sure what is on the menu... I've been kept out of the loop in regards to our evening.
*kind of sad we won't be dining at Matties Tavern this year.
It seems to be a delicious tradition... but staying home is just as nice!*

Gosh, I love this guy!
More than I could ever have imagined.
You are truly my best friend and I couldn't be happier to have you in my life!

I really can't believe how much has changed for us in just 3 short years.
I am so grateful that I am able to stay home with the girls (and cook you questionable meals).
No, our lives are absolutely NOT perfect, but we're so fortunate and we have so much to smile about.
Every day is an adventure.
Thanks for being brave enough to take the plunge and ride the crazy ride of life with me...
...and being willing to take a few for the team...
(I feel like I say that on a daily basis these days!)

Love you.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

8 Months

Lauren is 8 months.

And just a complete peach.

I don’t take a single day for granted with this kid.

Which, in the end, is all I wanted.


To appreciate and live in each moment.

Time goes so fast.

Teething ends and tantrums begin in just a few months.

This time, I know what we’re facing.


This time, I know how precious every moment is.

Lauren, in complete honesty, is the baby people dream about.IMG_0962

She is pretty much happy 99% of the time.

If you exclude the hours between 4:30 and 6:00 when she is exhausted.

Those hours are pretty hard.

She’s getting so mobile.


This week she has totally blossomed.


She pulls up on everything, cruises around the furniture…


She can crawl across the house and be pulling up on your leg faster than you could imagine.

She’s also teething up a storm.


Not grumpy, just not napping great and drooling a lot.


Oh, and have I mentioned chewing on EVERYTHING!?


IMG_1064 IMG_1066 IMG_1085

Love this kid.

Oh…and the expressions…


Oh heavens.     

IMG_0857     IMG_0969      IMG_1133 IMG_1134 IMG_1135 IMG_1154

Just like her sister.



Gosh I hope she is happy a loves life like her sister.

Tantrums and all.


And your sweet, total go-with-the-flow disposition.


You will nap on the go, or just stay awake for hours on end during the day…

Does matter, you’re still happy.


You LOVE to be held and you have turned into a serious mamas girl the last few weeks.


It’s an incredible feeling for me.

I LOVE putting you in the bjorn and holding you close to me while you rest your head.


Love it. LOVE.

Lauren, I love you so much, you are and always will be my baby.

Even when you’re 30.

You’ll be my baby.

With beautiful eyes.


I’ll never forget the dark hair you were born with.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Fathers Day (eve)!

Gosh, it’s about time I crawled out from under this rock.

Gosh, life sure is keeping us on our toes.

Ever feel like you can’t keep up?!

I’ve been so busy that I kind of just fell off the radar.

Have I mentioned my Romaine and Carrots are starting to grow out back?


So far my green thumb hasn’t turned brown quite yet.


My hydrangea is still alive!

However, my Gerberas look sad after leaving them for the weekend.

Our jungle out back is attracting all sorts of wildlife.

IMG_0755We have at least one rabbit, 2 cats, a handful of butterflies and random birds and 8 billion bees and lizards.



Original Pics:

IMG_0721_1 IMG_0731_1          

Chloe has been ‘difficult’ today. She has learned she has a voice and opinion and will share her dislike of something regardless of the fact that it will create a scene.


Like today when I took Lauren and Chloe on a walk around the neighborhood and she saw someone having a birthday party outside.

8 million 10 year old girls in skimpy swimsuits were running everywhere, there was a bounce house and BBQ out front and a pinata at the playground. 

I mean, really, if you’re going to do it where everyone can see and smell, at least invite everyone!

Anyway, I’m sure you know what is coming next.

A complete meltdown when I informed Chloe she was not invited.

It took me like 10 minutes to carry her home. While Lauren was in the Baby Bjorn across my chest.  Chloe was kicking and screaming. 30 pounds of FURY style. Her sundress was over her head, her hat and diva sunglasses long gone.

I’m actually not sure she’s ever had such a horrible meltdown.

I’m sure everyone was just glad it wasn’t them.

Because really, haven’t we all been there? Or is it just my kid!?


Anyway, it’s Fathers Day eve and Chris is enjoying his fathers day present at the races.

Because when he left, immediately after said meltdown, I had one very sleepy 8 month old who wanted nothing but her momma’s arms while holding a hysterically sobbing 21 month old with snot running down her face.

I smiled and allowed him to slip out for a guys night.

But not before I got in, “Enjoy your fathers day gift. Tonight is not going to be fun.”

And for the most part, it wasn’t.

Except for the 15 minutes of pure fabulous mother/daughter bonding time the girls and I experienced while making Chris a fathers day card. 

That 15 minutes made everything worth it.

Every tantrum and kick and tear and meltdown about getting in a car seat or stroller or any of the other 5 million things that will set her off these days.

It involved paint and crayons and construction paper and glue and feathers.

And footprints.

It was the kind of thing you dream about when you think about having kids.

It’s like labor. You seriously forget the pain once it’s over.

Same thing for tantrums. One “sowee (sorry)” or “tank (thank) you, mama” or “cute” or “pretty”… makes you forget the walk of shame home through the neighborhood. Almost.

I can’t believe I have a daughter that says things like “cute” and “pretty”

And buggie (boogie).

I couldn’t be happier.

Today was all in all a great day.

Chris and I went looking for a 2nd highchair and instead came home with an awesome little pool for the girls this summer.IMG_0633_1 IMG_0634_1 IMG_0635_1     IMG_0641_1 IMG_0646_1  IMG_0670 IMG_0688 IMG_0694

Chloe loved it, despite the fact that her teeth were chattering.

Oh, and if you are wondering, we made it home from Vegas!

We had a GREAT time and didn’t lose our life savings.

Looking forward to our next ‘adults-only’ vacation.

They’re fabulous.


That being said, to my dearest Monkey:

I am so glad we picked each other. You are a wonderful provider and you make such a wonderful best friend.

   IMG_0428 IMG_4675 IMG_9891 002 - Copy copy IMG_0740

I love that you’re willing to walk the hill and even do *GASP* puzzles to make me happy.  

Watching you with our girls makes my heart absolutely melt. IMG_0744

I love giving the girls baths with you, even if Chloe tooting and Lauren barfing in the tub end it rather quickly.



You make me smile like nobody else can and I can’t help but look at the girls and see the love we have for each other reflected back in their eyes.

Happy Fathers Day.