Friday, June 4, 2010




See the kid in the cute owl pajamas?

We’ve kind of been starting a bad habit of letting her come play in our bed in the mornings.

It just gets the day off on the right foot, no?

Anyway, back to the kid in the owl pajamas…

This very fine morning, I took some pictures of the sisters cuddling together…

…not 30 seconds later, Chloe, Lauren and my entire bed was covered in barf.

I don’t even think it was 7 am yet!


Here’s the deal:

I don’t have it in me to post but I’m going to do it for my mama.


She (not so) kindly reminded me today that I haven’t posted in exactly 6 days, 9 hours, 17 minutes and 24 seconds.

Ok. Maybe that wasn’t it…but it was close.

So mom, this is for you.

Because you’re (ever so kindly) watching our rugrats next weekend.

Memorial Day weekend was fun…here’s proof:


Laura bought this tutu for Chloe but the next few pictures will tell you who really benefitted from it:


Chloe let us put it on and ran to sulk before quickly pulling it off.


Lauren is a-ok having it to herself!


Chloe calls my dad Papa, but she didn’t really have a name for Chris’ dad so we figured we’d let her decide.

Wouldn’t you know it within a couple hours of visiting this time, she had adamantly decided his name was to be …



Whenever he was out of eyesight… she wanted to know (where) “Popeye Go?” 


Lauren decided to prove just how well built Pottery Barn Kids stuff is…


Ok… so maybe Chloe decided.

Or me.


Whoever it was, Lauren really had fun.

Actually, after these pictures, she curled up and settled in and we ended up rocking her back and forth in it for quite a while. 

We thought she was going to doze off!

IMG_0410Seriously. She is the perfect size.

Notice Chloe pushing her baby Lauren who is holding her own baby?!


Ok…let’s see… Lauren is ON THE MOVE.

She’s pulling up onto EVERYTHING and every time I turn around, she’s pulling herself up my leg.

She’s getting so independent and my emotions are torn between happiness and sadness!!  

After a few days celebrating life (and chocolate cake), after Memorial weekend, it was back to the grind…

Speaking of grind, I am making (most) of Lauren’s baby food.

I actually figured I’d buy most of it, but really, it’s just so easy and relaxing that I can’t help myself.


Besides… Chloe enjoys scouting out new, local, fresh produce.

Friday we ventured to a Local and Organic farm stand where everything is grown with TLC as part of a community program for mentally challenged folks and I couldn’t believe how many patrons were there getting produce, it was off the beaten path!

Look at these gorgeous (and delicious!) little carrots!


Oh and in other news, we’re no longer the owners of our 2 bedroom starter condo home…

And although it holds MOST of our memories from our time dating, engaged, newlyweded-ness, pregnancy, newborn, toddler/pregnancy and (last but not least), newborn+toddler

It’s good to see it go.

It served it’s purpose and I have fond memories…

But it’s always fun to make new ones.

And now that I think about it…

This time next week, we’ll be enjoying Vegas while missing our girls.

Yes, I know, the idea is to enjoy time alone…

But really now… you can’t help but miss those faces!

Ok…how’s that for filling you in??

Ok. Chloe just woke up and doesn’t feel good so I’m off to continue the bad habit and put her in our bed!!!



Anonymous said...

Thank you Jenny. I can't believe you spared us the pictures of the barf bed! You are a sweet girl. I can't wait for next Thursday. I am sooooo excited. I didn't recognize Popeye with the beard. Love you all. I hope your birthday was great honey. xoxoxo GIGI

Anonymous said... is Gigi. Poking around for Chloe/Lauren pictures. xoxo You!!!