Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Holy cow. I can't believe that tomorrow we go down South to drop off the kids for...
I have about a million things swirling through my head trying to get everything organized.
We haven't ever left our girls for more than 1 night...
...and we were still only like 20 minutes away that night.

This time is different, we'll be hours away...
But I know the girls will be in very capable and loving hands.
When Chloe wakes up Friday morning and realizes she's at Papa & Gigi's house, she'll be thrilled.
I'm sure she won't even miss us.
But what if she does?!
She's always been really easy going, was happy with whoever was around, I've never worried about her missing Mama or dada.
But lately when I leave the room, she calls for "mommy!" over and over and over.
Although I absolutely love it, I hate thinking she might do that while we're gone.

Anyway, I'm really excited to go away ever if it's just for a couple days, but I know we'll miss the girls SO much.

Papa & Gigi...
Thank you so much for taking in our orphans, you will certainly have your hands full.
I, however, plan on sleeping past 5:15am for at least 3 days straight.
You will not.
But don't worry, we leave on Monday and you'll be able to resume your normal activities such as going to the restroom without an audience.

I'm laughing just thinking about the fun you'll have this weekend :)


Anonymous said...

I won't spoil your confidence that the children will missing their mommy while you are away. I will let you believe you cannot leave without them falling to pieces. Meanwhile, we will be playing in the "heated" pool, on all their playground toys in the backyard including the sandbox with a splendid water feature your Chloe adores. A set of golf clubs, a bubble machine like cousin Ashleys. Not to mention new crayons, play doh and a zillion new things to divert their attention that you are gone. Yes, it will be hell but we will muddle through without you.....oh did I mention 21 Choices frozen yogurt? Enjoy your trip. Somehow...we will try to keep the children occupied! We can't wait. I have an extra box of kleenex for those sad sad times when the girls are crying out for you!!!! (I JUST COULDN'T RESIST). Love you all. P.S. I think you should stay longer... xoxoxo

Jen said...

21 Choices?! I hope you have some for me to drown my sorrows in!! :) Chloe will be in HEAVEN. ok, ok, so they won't even know we're gone. Maybe we WILL stay longer... i made our trip 2 days because I KNEW they'd be TRAUMATIZED about the fact that we were gone so long :) See you tomorrow, Gigi. P.S. You forgot to call me last night !

Anonymous said...

Stay longer....puhleez!!!