Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Birthday Girl

It’s almost Chloe’s birthday.

It makes me feel funny inside.

But that could also just be Lauren kicking the living daylights out of me.

But something is making my stomach feel upset.


Perhaps it’s this girl turning 1.



I think that’s it.


However, I remain cautiously optimistic.

We haven’t ruined her. Yet.

This has been the most amazing year.


We’ve had so many laughs and tears.

Lots of late nights and spilled formula.

Even more pacifier searching.


Being a parent is such a crazy ride.

Looking at her sweet face brings so many emotions to the surface.

I am filled with pride.


I can’t wait to see what the next year holds.


And the one after that…

I just pray that both our girls know just how loved they are.


Which reminds me, Chris did something super duper at work and I just want to take        opportunity to tell him (yes, you Monkey!) how awesome he is.

You are the most amazing dad and husband.

And it turns out, employee as well.

I’m glad LM saw your worth and gave you some recognition.

Fudge, Lauren and I are SO proud of you.



Embarrassed yet?


See those top two trying to bust through?

Oh please, please hurry!

Enlighten me.

Chloe has been a little cranky lately.
That's an understatement.
Those teeth are just DYING to break through.
Which means... Naps are pretty much nonexistent.
Which is ok. We will survive.

Which is why I find myself slightly peeved when not even 15 minutes after Chloe DOES actually fall asleep this morning, my doorbell rings. THREE times in rapid succession. I use my better judgment and don't open the door.

Except I see her hand going for the bell AGAIN.

I swing open the door and she tells me she and her friend Patty want to tell me the good news of the bible.

That's when I hear the sweetest sound on earth.
Hysterical Fudge.
The doorbell has woken her and freaked the living daylights out of her.

I kindly looked at my new friends who want so badly to share the good news with my floundering soul...
...and I give them my good news.
I can't be enlightened today.
The doorbell they needed to ring repeatedly woke up my sleeping angel.
Who hasn't napped well in days.

But your gargantuan hats with bows are quite lovely, ladies.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

30 Weeks

We're 30 weeks.
How we've hit this milestone already, I have no clue.
Time is just flying by.
Lauren should weigh over 3 lbs now!
We still have our follow up ultrasound next Thursday so I'll keep you posted but she's a crazy, active baby in there for now!

I know there haven't been any pictures lately... I'll get working on it.
We still haven't seen the appearance of a 3rd tooth. Maybe it'll come in when she turns 3 and finally grows more hair? :)

I can't believe she's almost 1.
I keep thinking about her 'party' or lack thereof and haven't come up with any solutions yet... it's really just for the parents anyway, right??

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pictures…Get Your Pictures!

Here ya have it…


More pictures of the Fudge than you ever imagined possible.

You don’t want to know how many I’ve taken since I got my DSLR in January.


You would never be the same again.


IMG_7982_1 IMG_7981_1 

Don’t believe me when I say Chloe always takes something to walk around with?!


See how proud of herself she is?!

The big water jug has become her challenge.

(Don’t worry, there isn’t much water in there!)

 IMG_7969_1 IMG_7971_1


IMG_7975_1 IMG_7976_1









Classic Chloe.



IMG_8041copyIMG_8048copyIMG_8049 copy 




We’re 29 weeks along today…

It’s going to be a LONG 11+ weeks.

Every day is so bittersweet;

I am looking forward to having our family completed, but I have so much anxiety about the transition for Chloe.

I mean…after all, she is the one who actually made me a mommy!!

I know everyone says this, but I can’t imagine loving anyone as much as Chloe.  Especially with her dimples, wispy hair and attitude. 

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yum Yum and Walking.

I forgot to mention that our amazingly unpicky eater has completely disappeared.

Has anyone seen her?!


She is so silly about what she’ll eat and what she won’t. She loves turkey sausage but will only eat eggs if they come from your plate and a big person fork.

Even then it’s touch and go.


She used to eat seriously anything; now she’ll push away most things unless they involve cheese, fruit, tomato or cheerios.

I think that about sums it up.


She’s a huge goofball.


A huge walking goofball.

IMG_7869_1IMG_7870_1 IMG_7871_1

She will walk around the house with a toy in her hand over and over.


Yesterday it was one of her favorite boxes.


I couldn’t get a picture of her walking without it.



IMG_7892_1 IMG_7893_1IMG_7894_1


Congrats, Fudge.

You’re a walker.