Friday, April 22, 2011

Hi. It’s us.

So much to talk about.

So much going on.

Camping 2 weekends in a row; once without the girls…

…and once WITH!…

There’s also the 15 page research paper: Procrastination central.


Electric nails. Must talk about electric nails.

Don’t let me forget…

But first… In very sad news… Lauren got her first ear infection.

She was miserable while we were camping… I wasn’t sure if she just doesn’t like the outdoors (which doesn’t sound like either of my girls) or she just really needed lots of cuddles for her runny nose…

Either way, she was so clingy and whiny all weekend that she pretty much required she be held the entire time.

Monday morning I called and made her an emergency appt at the doctor; I thought it was a sinus infection since her nose was so runny we had rubbed it raw from wiping it so much…

When the doctor took a look in her ears, I could tell it was bad.

I pressed her with a “how bad is it, doc?” …

At least an 8/10 she said.

I felt AWFUL.

I mean… I had called the Friday before because mommy intuition told me she wasn’t herself… but she the symptoms she had at the time, they didn’t think she needed to come in, it seemed just like a regular runny nose/mild cold.

Anyway… I’m getting over my mommy guilt now about not realizing what was going on, but it’s been 5 days now and she’s showing signs of improvement with antibiotics.

BUT today and yesterday she has been extremely clingy again…I was worried antibiotics weren’t working … but I think she’s actually teething… so we shall see.

Either way, Chloe absolutely ADORED going camping. She talked all week before we went about how her daddy was going to buy her a fishing pole and they were going to go fishing… yadda yadda yadda.

She actually loved it. Chris set her up, casted out for her and she got to reel in her line… It was seriously amazingly sweet to see.

See! Girls do boy-ish things just fine Smile

She even thought she had a fishing vest.

I guess while she and Chris were out fishing, she’d call to the fishies telling them, “WAKE UP, fishies!” … evidently since they weren’t catching any she thought they were sleeping.

She also kept telling Chris that he needs to use his fishing pole while she was using hers…

So cute. I can’t stand it.

She played at the park right near the little lake and spent all day outside… she absolutely loved it.

She hasn’t stopped talking about camping in the trailer, riding in the beast (the suburban we bought to tow it) and fishing.

Obviously she wants to go back. Like yesterday.

Which reminds me, I painted the girls nails bright red before we went camping.  I didn’t intend for it to be reflectors so they don’t get lost in the dark or anything…but that would have been a good idea.

Anyway, Chloe was on the slide at the park when a little boy nearby came running to his mom and pointed at Chloe and said…

“That girl! She’s trying to get me!”

The mom laughed and was like, “No honey, she’s not. she’s just on the slide”

To which he yelled, “Yes she is! She keeps shocking me with her ELECTRIC NAILS!”

Omg. I started to die laughing. The mom and I had a good laugh but the boy was VERY put off by the color of Chloe’s nails and I thought it best not to let him in on the female secret, making boys miserable with our choice of gaudy nail polish colors.

Either way, funny stuff.

I guess I’m out of stories so it’s back to writing papers.
As you can see, my thinking/writing is kind of frayed at this point.

Happy Easter!

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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Know that feeling…

When everything is perfect?

That’s how I’ve felt the last week or so.

Just genuinely content.

The weather has been warm, we’ve been outside a LOT…

Had LOTS of playdates…

Went to the zoo…

Potty training is great…

Chloe is really into helping me bake…

Lauren is just the sweetest little thing…she always cuddles her head on our shoulders and talks about everything, she loves to say thank you and please and most recently, “bless you” when you sneeze.

So polite!

She is uber ticklish, has the cutest laugh, refuses to wear bows in her hair, won’t let you brush her hair and she insists upon CONSTANTLY wearing a helmet.

Silly girl.

She gets a big kick out of throwing bouncy balls and she goes down slides with a reckless abandon that I haven’t seen before. 

The girls are happy and best friends…

Two of the biggest chatterboxes EVER…

They play together all the time and are really starting to love each others company.

You know…That kind of thing.

Everyday I am grateful that this is the life I’ve been given.

A truly hardworking (SUPER SMART)husband who LOVES his girls and his wife…

And my own brain that gets me through when I don’t think I’m going to survive.

TWO ridiculously fabulous girls…

So that’s it for ya.

Just a lot of happiness and excitement about the future and what it holds for us, our family and our girls.

Can’t wait.

This time, I definitely have too many pictures to put on the blog.

I’ve been taking a LOT (1200 in the last week!) and these are just a FEW of my favorites.