Friday, August 27, 2010

College. And not just for mommy & daddy!

Ok, ok... so we're like 2 years behind but today after hours and hours of research,
We FINALLY set up a 529 college savings plan for the girls.
Don't judge me for waiting so long!!

I have researched before and gotten confused and lost in which plan is the best, which has less fees, etc. and I really lost the point of the account: TO JUST GET THE BALL ROLLING!! I can always switch to a different plan later, or change my allocations... but not having an account at all was no good!

Now they each have their own account and we are hoping that family will help us fund the account little by little so that in 16+ years, it won't be as much of a question as to how we're going to afford to send them to college to become astrophysicists.

Because seriously. They are just that awesome.

So I feel a huge weight lifted and I'm feeling so parental and responsible.
Now to just fund the sucker.

Sooo dear family... instead of birthday gifts this year, would you care to help us fund their education? It would be so neat to see the money start accumulating.
You can make a check out to either Chris or myself and we promise to only keep 50% to spend on ourselves... Ok, ok... fine... 100% will go to the funds... pinkie swear!

Besides, at this age, all my girls want for their birthday is a bite of that elusive birthday cake!

P.S. Please don't feel obligated in any way to contribute! This is just a little hint to those who might be scheming to buy them bounce houses or ponies ...

P.S.S. I LOVE my anatomy class. LOVE. Like I didn't know school could be so fun. I will catch you up on everything crazy in our life when I get a breather. Or some sleep. Preferably without Chloe sleeping on me. (Have I mentioned that she is like super attached and won't sleep alone anymore?)!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

10 MOnths

Just a quick update...
Lauren is officially 10 months...
And on the verge of walking...
Ok. Not on the verge.
Really, she is.
I count walking as consistently taking steps...
Which is what she does.
She can take about 5 steps before she chickens out and drops to her knees.
She's awesome.
Seriously, ridiculously, mind-numbingly awesome.
No Paci.
Totally go-with the flow.
There are times where we have to check to make sure we have Lauren because we don't hear a peep from her.
Except when she talks...
She talks loudly. and a lot.
Ok. I know that doesn't make sense. But it does.
She rarely ever cries except when completely exhausted or she has 3 teeth break through at the same time.
Like Friday, yesterday and today.
But still, she remains amazingly sweet.
Such a cuddlebug.
Such a ticklish baby.
Such a hilarious belly-laugh.

She and Chloe are 2 peas in a pod.
For the most part.
Chloe loves feeding Lauren snacks. Gotta keep your eye on that girl!

Speaking of Chloe,
Operation: Toddler Bed is a major failure.
Failure is an understatement.
LEt's consider it more of a disaster.
Yes. That suits the situation much better.

She refuses her toddler bed now. She slept with us for one miserable, horrific night (which, I'll admit, definitely was nice for the time she was was awesome to lay there and watch her and listen to her breathe)... but for the most part, neither Chris and I nor Chloe are used to sleeping with each other and it was a disaster.

So where does that leave us?

In the pack&play in her room.
And really, she's much happier.
For how long? Who knows.
But she sleeps at night in there with some coaxing and so far, that's the best track record in a couple weeks.

See ya later.
I'm pooped.

Friday, August 20, 2010

I lied.

The toddler bed thing went haywire last night.
Today is 10 times worse than last night.
Anybody have any advice or ideas?
Today is the day that I Have to put up the baby gate and listen to her scream because I'm done.
Just a little reminder that not everything is perfect.
Chloe now hates her bed.
I now hate naptimes and she didn't fall asleep until past 9 last night... almost 3 hours after putting her down.
I am exhausted.
I am over it.
Please tell me this gets better?!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I’m a BIG girl now!

It’s official.

Operation Pacifier ditch went off without a hitch…


Ok, so that wasn’t exactly how it went…

In fact, she stopped napping and started freaking out when we’d put her to bed.

Like crying hysterically until she fell asleep.

I spent a good week watching her obsessively on the baby monitor wanting to go in and fix it.


So, I figured, It can’t really get much worse, right?

Let’s throw a toddler bed her way.

The result?

Problem solved.

She is in LOVE with her newfound big girl independence.

She reads herself to sleep, she even enjoys relaxing and having a snack in her bed.


She’s SO proud of herself when she wakes up from a nap well rested, she just walks out with the biggest grin on her face.

Same thing in the morning…

She timidly comes out, like she feels naughty escaping her bed to come find us.

I thought I’d be so sad about Chloe growing up, but it really is fun!!

I don’t miss the crib, and I love to see her realize she’s getting bigger.

Which remind me, she turns 2 in like 20 days or something ridiculous.


Chris said to me a couple nights ago, ‘She seems different, don’t you think?…like she’s SO much older’…IMG_3150


It’s so true.  We went up north to visit Chris’ family last week…we took a baby up and came home with a big girl!

IMG_3253   IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3123 IMG_3145 IMG_3147   IMG_3202 IMG_3210 IMG_3224 IMG_3240

You turn 2 in no time…

I never imagined I could love you this much.

Words don’t express how proud we are of you, big girl!


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Operation: Paci Ditch

It’s boot camp around here.


Which is why I’m retreating to my room and blogging.

After hearing of the difficulty my sister is having in transitioning her 3 year old off the pacifier, I realized it was time.

The longer we wait, the worse it will be.


So yesterday after Chloe’s nap, I snipped the silicone off 3 of her pacifiers and told her that she got upgraded to new, big girl pacis.

Let’s just say she didn’t exactly fall for it.

But it wasn’t a failure, either.

She went down at 6:30, requested her pacifiers, promptly handed the snipped ones back and told me they were broken and kept yelling “broken mama!” as I left her room and walked down the hall.

She fell asleep passed out at 8:45 after I went in for the 300th time and soothed her.

Let’s not lie, there was crying involved, there was desperate hugs when I went in to comfort her.

But she did it.

She finally fell asleep.

Without any paci in her mouth.

For the first time in her life on the evening before turning 23 months.

I couldn’t be more proud.

I just can’t put into words how much I love this life I’ve been blessed with.

I can’t help but smile when I think about how awesome life really is.

  IMG_2827 IMG_2829 IMG_2830 IMG_2836 IMG_2846 IMG_2847 IMG_2849 IMG_2852 IMG_2854 IMG_2862 IMG_2863 IMG_2866 IMG_2877 IMG_2879 IMG_2881 IMG_2882 IMG_2883 IMG_2885 IMG_2886 IMG_2887 IMG_2888 IMG_2897 IMG_2901 IMG_2907 IMG_2915 IMG_2918 IMG_2927 IMG_3020 IMG_3022 IMG_3023 IMG_3037  IMG_3042 IMG_3045 IMG_3048 


The sounds of their laughter, Chloe telling us anything and everything…

Chloe singing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes…

Tea Parties…

IMG_2959 IMG_2967 IMG_2972 IMG_2980 IMG_2983 IMG_2988  IMG_3011

lots of “huggies” and kisses…

Happy 23 months, love.

You are the best big sister ever!

Even if you take on the task of giving your sister a whole box of cheerios…



It really does just get to be more and more fun the older you get.

IMG_2944 IMG_2955