Thursday, August 19, 2010

I’m a BIG girl now!

It’s official.

Operation Pacifier ditch went off without a hitch…


Ok, so that wasn’t exactly how it went…

In fact, she stopped napping and started freaking out when we’d put her to bed.

Like crying hysterically until she fell asleep.

I spent a good week watching her obsessively on the baby monitor wanting to go in and fix it.


So, I figured, It can’t really get much worse, right?

Let’s throw a toddler bed her way.

The result?

Problem solved.

She is in LOVE with her newfound big girl independence.

She reads herself to sleep, she even enjoys relaxing and having a snack in her bed.


She’s SO proud of herself when she wakes up from a nap well rested, she just walks out with the biggest grin on her face.

Same thing in the morning…

She timidly comes out, like she feels naughty escaping her bed to come find us.

I thought I’d be so sad about Chloe growing up, but it really is fun!!

I don’t miss the crib, and I love to see her realize she’s getting bigger.

Which remind me, she turns 2 in like 20 days or something ridiculous.


Chris said to me a couple nights ago, ‘She seems different, don’t you think?…like she’s SO much older’…IMG_3150


It’s so true.  We went up north to visit Chris’ family last week…we took a baby up and came home with a big girl!

IMG_3253   IMG_3107 IMG_3108 IMG_3123 IMG_3145 IMG_3147   IMG_3202 IMG_3210 IMG_3224 IMG_3240

You turn 2 in no time…

I never imagined I could love you this much.

Words don’t express how proud we are of you, big girl!



Anonymous said...

OMG. What a GREAT surprise when I opened your blog. I am IN LOVE with that little BIG girl. xoxooxGIGI. The very first picture melts my heart! xoxooxGIGI

Anonymous said...

By the way....I love you too Lauren so much!!!!!!xoxoGIGI