Sunday, August 1, 2010


Where did you go!?

Another month gone in the blink of an eye.

That’s not to say, however, that we didn’t love it!

Lauren is growing her first tooth like a complete champ…

The doctor mentioned the other 3 front teeth aren’t far behind.


She’s starting to eat more table foods.

She crawls around the entire house.

Her favorite places are:
1. Her bedroom trash.

2. The Laundry room trash.

3. Any of the springy door stopper thingies.

4. Any cords or electronics

5. Anywhere she or Chloe may have dropped food.

She is still a complete peach.

She actually started waving and trying to clap a couple days ago.

We’re still a long way from the real thing, but she’s definitely more vocal and interactive.

She also crawled through a tunnel we have for Chloe.

Plus, she and Chloe are really starting to enjoy being able to play together (most of the time)

As for Chloe, she’s either sweet as sugar or …

…ya know…

I’ll leave it at that.

Her favorite things in the world right now are condiments.

Yes. You heard me.

Ketchup is probably her favorite.

She also loves the water.

Long walks.

The outdoors…

Airplanes, Motorcycles, trucks, the girls across the street…

Bracelets, bows, shoes.

OH MAN does that girl love shoes.

She wears our shoes around the house ALL day.

I love seeing what she selects.



Making messes.


(She LOVES being allowed to take her dirty clothes to the laundry room).

Today, we got into the car to go somewhere and Chris closed the door after buckling her in…

She said to me, “Dada fun!”

I love hearing that.

We must be doing something right.

This weekend was all about family.

(and getting things accomplished, but that’s not very fun)

I loved it.

Obviously our girls did as well.

She is about to turn 23 months.

Which really means we’re closing in on 2 at a fast and furious pace.

I can’t believe it.

She was only 13 months when Lauren was born!


Here’s to an exciting August.

Even if it involves going back to school for both Chris and I.

We can totally do this.

Love the sister love.


Last weekend we went and bought a toy for us to play with Chloe…


Gotta love childhood memories.


They’re so much more fun with your kids.


She LOVED this fish game.


She had it down within 10 seconds.


She played with it so much she wore the battery out.


Oh well, I suppose that’s what you get for a 10.00 plastic toy, right!?

 IMG_2706 IMG_2711 IMG_2712 IMG_2713  IMG_2732 

P.S. We bought a bike trailer today and took it for a spin. The girls totally loved it. We thought they’d for sure be throwin’ elbows trying to have their own space, but they squished against each other happily. 

IMG_2742_1 IMG_2733_1 IMG_2737_1 IMG_2740_1

    On a side note, after not riding a bike for 3+ years, my butt is SORE.

But a bike trailer being clearanced off with the summer stuff is worth a sore butt :)

We had a pretty awesome quail family hanging around for a couple days…


I think they accidentally got into our yard somehow and couldn’t figure out how to get out.

IMG_2628 IMG_2630 IMG_2654 IMG_2668

Here’s to a great month…

Let’s hope we can blink more than once before it’s over…

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Anonymous said...

Those quail are soooo cute. I can't wait to see you. We will leave at 10am tomorrow...after the traffic. xooxoxMOM