Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

You probably guessed by the title or perhaps you recall our super duper fun (or at least we like to think so) wedding, but today was our 1 year anniversary! It's amazing how time flies...but this really has been a great year. We have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for!
Chris actually started celebrating a couple days early by having a local bakery make us an anniversary cake. No, it didn't really resemble our actual wedding cake, but I can't even believe the man remembered the tradition of eating the top layer on your 1st anniversary. I mean I'm literally shocked! (We ate our top layer at our brunch the day after our wedding, which was totally the best thing we could have done with it!!)

Well, turns out they were closed on Mondays so we got cake early! What a great Husband! I'm planning on milkin' this anniversary thing for as long as possible.

And today I came home from work to beautiful flowers!

He actually marched his hiney in to the store to buy them for me (also very impressive considering he would rather buy things off the internet).
This is turning into a long-winded post that is boring to anyone but myself probably but I'll keep the attention on me for a little while longer. :) Big surprise, right?!

Tonight we went to our favorite restaurant in the area, Mattei's Tavern.

...We gorged ourselves on all kinds of delicious fare (my favorite mud pie ever!)

...At the end of our wonderful dinner were given a piece of paper that said our dinner had been paid for!

A HUGE thanks to Mom & Dad Richey for the ridiculously sweet and generous thought. It was a surprise we wouldn't have expected in a million years!

(I have yet to figure out how they actually found the restaurant considering it's spelling and in-the-boonies location)...

And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of the two of us (Chris is getting to be a pro at holding the camera himself)
Before I say goodnight, I want to know who the wise guy is that thinks we're gonna have a 10+ pounder...and no, I'm not talking about fish. (see poll at left).

Monday, June 23, 2008

Fifi's Room!

Sooo this weekend Baby Daddy and I spent hours in the lovely 100+ degree heat getting Chloe's room ready for her big debut... (I think the gas mask is in preparation for the infamous diaper changes...)

I actually had a lot of fun!

(You can see I'm not the only one!)

There are still a few things to do to get the room ready to actually decorate, but it's much closer now!



Awww. I'm getting so excited! Poor Chris moved out the last of his computers from her room yesterday (into our bedroom of course)...
I'm sure it feels real to him now that he's given up his man room!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers Day

So I know it's late, but happy belated Fathers Day to all of you dads out there!! We had a pretty full house this weekend...well...full of testosterone at least. Chris's dad and my dad both came to go fishing...and Harley even tagged along!! Gosh he's cute! He took a liking to napping in Chloe's room.
For fathers day, the dads got Wii's (mine also caught a cold along with lots of fish on Saturday)... Evidently he had fun being the tough guy using the crappy fishing pole that was extra work... ironically enough word from the fishermen is that he caught the most fish of them all!!
And as a father/daughter bonding experience we planted a container garden out on our back patio. It's so cute; I can't wait to see if anything actually grows (I have a brown thumb unlike my dad's side of the family).
Hmm...let's see... that's about all the updating I have for ya now... Not very exciting, I know...

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

2 posts in one day!?


That's right. You're all blessed with 2 posts today.
However, this one is about Restoration Hardware. They have copied our bedding!

...AND stolen our babys name (see blanket)!!
(If only our nursery looked like that finished!)

Their new baby line is just way too cute to go unmentioned.

Look at their ridiculously cute moses baskets!!

If you just can't help but drool over deliciously overpriced baby supplies... be sure to check out

(No, unfortunately I don't get anything for mentioning them!)

Someone please take my credit cards and cut them up. It is officially over. I should be locked up for the next few months ...well... no... indefinitely; 3 months wouldn't be long enough.

Time To Post?

So I guess It's been a while since my last post. After Monterey, it seems like there hasn't been anything exciting to write about. Chris has started classes again (he probably won't be caught smiling again until August when this round of classes is over) ... and my new boss has become my old boss and quit. We'll be onto 4 bosses in just a little over 2 years. We're getting a reputation for being mean! Oh well, I guess our 'babysitters' just can't handle our spunk.

Time seems to be flying by and I can't believe we're about 28 weeks along now. Chloe has her quiet days and then she has her busy days where she is a ferocious mover/kicker and sometimes I'm worried she's going to just kick right on out. She's also much higher, she's been spotted moving waaay above my belly button now.

While on the subject of belly buttons, I'll let you in on some useless knowledge ... I still have an innie! How about everyone keeps their fingers crossed for us on that one??

We're getting more and more excited to meet Chloe and we're slowly starting to realize how different life is going to be soon... While watching baseball the other night I looked at Chris and said, "Do you realize that Chloe will be here watching the World Series WITH us?!" And I don't mean next years WS, I mean this years!!

Speaking of baseball, this last weekend Chris and I went to see the Santa Maria Indians play. They're a collegiate league team in our city. Not great, definitely not like true Southern California baseball, but still entertaining (and we didnt' even need binoculars).

Ok. Enough Boring talk about our lives. Perhaps I'll be more inclined to entertain you later in the week?

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday To ME!

We just got back from Monterey and gosh did we have fun! It's also now official that I am a whopping 24 years old and almost 27 weeks pregnant (yes, we're entering our 3rd trimester now!)
We stayed at a new hotel in Monterey - the Intercontinental Clement Monterey. It was gorgeous and HUGE (it took up both sides of Cannery Row for almost a block!) They haven't been open long enough to get all of the kinks worked out, but it was still truly amazing. With all the pictures we took, I can't believe that I didn't get a single one of our hotel! I guess we'll have to go back...
We had fun reliving memories from previous trips while making new ones. We even went back to the aquarium for a trip down memory lane! (and shared a delicious sundae at Ghiradelli).

We spent a good chunk of today just meandering our way home along the 1, making various stops along the way. My favorite was the infamous Julia Pfeiffer Burns state park.
I've decided it's my favorite place in the entire world.
I could have spent all day there.
Our last stop of the day was San Simeon to see the Elephant Seals (what seems like 8 million of them). It's so neat to be able to get so close; they're amazing creatures!! See the two flirting in the water? :)