Monday, June 23, 2008

Fifi's Room!

Sooo this weekend Baby Daddy and I spent hours in the lovely 100+ degree heat getting Chloe's room ready for her big debut... (I think the gas mask is in preparation for the infamous diaper changes...)

I actually had a lot of fun!

(You can see I'm not the only one!)

There are still a few things to do to get the room ready to actually decorate, but it's much closer now!



Awww. I'm getting so excited! Poor Chris moved out the last of his computers from her room yesterday (into our bedroom of course)...
I'm sure it feels real to him now that he's given up his man room!


Anonymous said...

wow, Jeff moved his stuff out within the first couple months. It looks great... Is that a lamb i see??? Getting her farmgirl ready so soon, i love it!!! Can't wait to see you guys in a couple weeks.

Anonymous said...

Jenny and Chris. What a transformation. You guys did such a great job. I can't see the bed...did you move that out as well? I know you must be excited now since the room has taken shape and looks like a comfy place for Chloe. Your choices are so "girly". I want to come and visit soon. Love you so much. Mom