Monday, June 30, 2008

Happy Anniversary To Us!!

You probably guessed by the title or perhaps you recall our super duper fun (or at least we like to think so) wedding, but today was our 1 year anniversary! It's amazing how time flies...but this really has been a great year. We have so much to look forward to and so much to be grateful for!
Chris actually started celebrating a couple days early by having a local bakery make us an anniversary cake. No, it didn't really resemble our actual wedding cake, but I can't even believe the man remembered the tradition of eating the top layer on your 1st anniversary. I mean I'm literally shocked! (We ate our top layer at our brunch the day after our wedding, which was totally the best thing we could have done with it!!)

Well, turns out they were closed on Mondays so we got cake early! What a great Husband! I'm planning on milkin' this anniversary thing for as long as possible.

And today I came home from work to beautiful flowers!

He actually marched his hiney in to the store to buy them for me (also very impressive considering he would rather buy things off the internet).
This is turning into a long-winded post that is boring to anyone but myself probably but I'll keep the attention on me for a little while longer. :) Big surprise, right?!

Tonight we went to our favorite restaurant in the area, Mattei's Tavern.

...We gorged ourselves on all kinds of delicious fare (my favorite mud pie ever!)

...At the end of our wonderful dinner were given a piece of paper that said our dinner had been paid for!

A HUGE thanks to Mom & Dad Richey for the ridiculously sweet and generous thought. It was a surprise we wouldn't have expected in a million years!

(I have yet to figure out how they actually found the restaurant considering it's spelling and in-the-boonies location)...

And for your viewing pleasure, a picture of the two of us (Chris is getting to be a pro at holding the camera himself)
Before I say goodnight, I want to know who the wise guy is that thinks we're gonna have a 10+ pounder...and no, I'm not talking about fish. (see poll at left).


Anonymous said...

Jenny. You just made me laugh out loud. I wonder who said a 10 pounder too. Tracee and I think you will have a little baby. By the look FABULOUS! Thanks for taking the picture for me. I know I have been a pest but I love seeing the pregnancy growth! Happy Anniversary. It isn't often I would know where you would be dining. So glad we were able to surprise you. Can't believe it is one year. We love you so much...thanks Chris for being so sweet to Jenny. You can't know how much that means to a mom and dad. xooxoxoxMom Hi Chloe. Can't wait to see you.

TL said...

Sounds like a PERFECT anniversary. Big props to Chris for the anniversary cake! (Can you please give some pointers to my husband?!) You both look so cute - can't wait to see your tiny little peanut in September!

Nancy Wilson said...

I'm so glad you guys love Mattei's Tavern, as you know it was my favorite there too, and I love the pics of you from your time there. We've found several nice new restaurants here to introduce you to. Miss you guys terribly - thanks for looking after the house while Paul is on Lake Powell with us soon. Hug all my pets for me. Can't wait to see you three again soon. Love you, Nancy XXX000