Wednesday, July 2, 2008

31 Weeks!

Well. It's official. We're 31 weeks along, and she's due 2 months from today!
She's now over 16 inches long and over 3.3 lbs. She's a very busy girl and is beginning to be a huge pain in my side... Literally... But in a good way!
She really likes to go to town around 10 pm when I'm trying to go to bed, but don't worry. She's an early riser with her mommy and is up at 5 with me most days and kicks all the way to work.
Ok... I'll leave you with a picture of Chris with his catch after his fishing trip this past weekend. I know he'll shoot me for posting this, but isn't he cute?!


Anonymous said...

Yup, not happy about you posting that... Looking pretty nice after 2 hours of sleep and 5 hours of fishing... It's cool, just watch out for Karma's nasty right hook... I'll be digging through some photos when I go home...

Anonymous said...

Chris's posting just made me laugh out loud. Nice fish! What happened to the pix of your dad's fishing trip and his 20+ catches? And Jenny, this is only the beginning of your daughter being a pain in your side! Chris...hurry home and start digging....we need some prego pix of jen. xoxoox