Monday, July 14, 2008

Thank you!!

So this weekend was my baby shower and it was so much fun!! Thank you to everyone who came. I loved getting to catch up with everyone. Chloe is so lucky to be coming into such a supportive, loving environment. I can't wait for everyone to meet her!

Hopefully Christopher's delightful insight into the world of parenting kept everyone entertained through the gift opening portion of the day. I know everyone is looking forward to pictures of the shower and gifts (especially those who couldn't be there), so enjoy!! (and yes, I always manage to make sure there are pictures of food in my blog entries...big surprise this post is no different)

Thank you again to my fabulous hostesses... Suzy, Tracee, Paige and Christina; you have outdone yourselves! Thank you so much!

*disclaimer: if your gift isn't displayed in the pictures for some reason, I apologize, I tried to get everything in but please let me know if you don't feel adequately represented... I'd be more than happy to focus an entire blog segment on you!!* Hehe. :)

Which brings me to my final disclaimer for the day: My sister-in-law made a fabulous gift that will get it's own segment since there may have been some 4 am fishing-infused testosterone that unfortunately locked her gift in our garage rendering it unable to be retrieved for her to bring it to the shower.
(get all that?)...
I'm sure he'll be better with Chloe at 4 am than he is about remembering about shower gifts...


Anonymous said...

Hey....can't lamby come out of his bag now? He is too cute to be tied up and suffocated. xooxMOM

TL said...

You got some great stuff! Well, Chloe got some great stuff. She is all set to come into the world!

When are we going to see Janelle's handmade gifts!? I am dying to see them - I know she was so excited for you to have them.

It was so fun to see everyone again!
Love you! T

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Chloe will understand about us locking her presents in the garage. She's pretty cool like that...