Wednesday, July 23, 2008

34 Week Post *Addendum*

Dear State of California:
Thank you for recognizing and rewarding me for putting up with a crummy work environment for all those months... this is really a dream come true! I won't forget how you spared me from Cruella DeVille # 3. Haha.

Baby Mama.

Can I please just comment on how fabulous the whole Disability thing is?! I got my "Notice Of Computation" in the mail today - I will actually be making a difference of only $26.00 per day while I'm out. Ummm Hello... with the cost of driving to work and back, it's about even! Except I'm not up at 5 am, I don't have to take orders from my 4th crazy boss AND I get to focus on Fifi... Basically the state is going to pay me as if I was working except they've taken away the stress of work...and essentially spared me a frighteningly large mental breakdown during this pregnancy. Seriously the last few weeks were ugly. I'm pretty floored. I really expected the disability thing to go haywire and forget to pay me or jip me, etc. but so far... this is the first thing I've actually been impressed with in regards to our state/government. I approve.

ok. Now have a fabulous day!

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Anonymous said...

Enjoy the time to relax and get ALOT of sleep!!!