Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Baby Gifts!

So I promised I'd post about the wonderful goodies from my sister-in-law...and I always keep my promises.

First of all...She made the moses basket! It is so gorgeous and luxurious! Chloe will be rollin' in the finest of fabrics and ribbons. She also made a boppy with a couple of adorable covers...a couple flannel blankets which will come in so handy!! And another blanket that is like lined in satin! I want it for myself...

She thought of absolutely everything, from creams to boo-boo ice packs (teddy bears that you put these special ice cubes in), wearable thermometers, changing pads, diapers, socks, outfits, a frame...and more!!

She even got some of the seasons in there!
Then, (also locked in the garage) was a gift from Grandma Laura - look how adorable! There's everything Chloe will need for a 'tubby' - how cute! There's even an inflatable tub in the shape of a ducky that goes in the bathtub!

A Huge thank you to Jennell and Laura... your gifts, although locked in the garage during the shower, have not gone unappreciated!!! They were fabulous! You have taken care of not only a lot of the little practical things we were needing (not as much fun to buy), but also some really cute things that I'm so excited to use!
Hurry up and come out, Chloe!
Ok... no... actually, keep baking a few more weeks, then you're welcome to make your debut anytime after.


TL said...

WOW! That Janelle is so talented!How wonderful that Chloe has all of those gorgeous things to luxuriate in! Lucky Girl!

Anonymous said...

Chloe is a lucky little girl to have Janelle as her aunt. I can see a lifetime of adorable gifts. Everyone is anxious to meet Chloe and we are counting the days. Thank you Janelle for loving my little grandbaby so much already. Your daughter is precious. xoxoLynn

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you like everything. I had so much fun picking out all the holiday goodies and getting just the right fabric. Don't think this is the end either, i have more up my sleeve.Hmm.. maybe a minky/silk blanket for Jen for xmas??? I'm so happy to have a cousin for Kailynn so close to her age. P.S Did you check the car seat?!?!?
All my love...