Tuesday, September 22, 2009

12 Month Checkup

Yes. This is yet another post without pictures.
Like the title gives away, Chloe had her 12 month checkup (and shots!) today.
She's 23 lbs and 31 inches long.
She's in the 75th % for weight now and 95% for height (WHAT?!) and her head (as always) is just right at 50%.
I still can't believe she did a little switcheroo with her height and weight. Maybe they read the chart wrong !!
She's perfect in every way.
You know, except for the 3rd eye and devil horns that tend to come out every now and then.
But let's get one thing clear.
She doesn't enjoy getting shots.
Oh her little face... It broke my heart.
For some reason these shots were a lot harder on me (and her) than the first few sets.
Probably because she thinks I'm to blame (which, I guess I am).
The look on her face is just pitiful (beyond pitiful, really) as she momentarily stops breathing, her face turns almost purple and she opens her mouth so wide I swear you could see down her throat...
But ya know, 30 seconds later she's a cool chick again.
I dig that about her.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


So up until this point I’ve just kind of assumed Chloe was doing the same babble she always does.

However, this weekend we realized she is actually repeating a couple words she hears.

When I say repeat, I mean she repeats it as a baby would.

Don’t expect perfect vocabulary yet, folks!

For example, when we color, we say, “Color, color!”

To which she responds with some crazy babbling clicking sounds.

But it’s obvious she’s repeating “color, color”.

Over and over.

it’s kind of like… heaven.

Then she goes to town with her crayon or magna doodle.

I also heard her about a month back try to say buckle, buckle after I said it when we got into the car one time.

I thought nothing of it until this weekend when we realized she was saying “color, color”.

I said it again just to test her out.

“buckle, buckle” i said…

“uglukle” was her response.


You can totally tell she’s saying it back.

I know, not a big deal to those of you with talkers.

But seriously.

I’m so excited.

It’s just the cutest dang thing.

I don’t know how we can possibly fall more in love with this kid.

But, everyday… we find a way!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Camera Gear

Confession: I have a growing list of camera gear I'd like to call my own.
My husband took care of one of those things on my list today.

A sweet flash is on its way to my doorstep in the next few days.
I'm so so so very excited.
I can hardly stand it.
It will open up a whole new world of indoor photography hopefully.
Thank you dear husband.
I promise to take so very many pictures of our girls.
Especially since you ordered me a 16GB card to go with it.
That's a LOT of pictures on one card!

I can't wait to take pictures of sweet baby Lauren when she gets here.
I'm just sad I didn't have our great camera the first couple months after Chloe arrived.
Poor poor Lauren. She's going to be SO over the camera.
Anyone have silly oversized objects I should be putting her in?!
Even if she's born after Halloween, she's going into a pumpkin!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Picking

Our mommy & me class went apple picking this morning.IMG_9100_1

Chloe even took her first hayride today!


Mystery solved: I found out where we picked up our fabulous colds.


Our mommy & me class from last week!


Turns out we weren’t the only ones that caught the bug.

But it does appear to have hit me the hardest.

Go figure.

Chloe loved munching on the apples as we went along.


She kept dropping good ones and would find sandy or rotten ones to munch on.


Funniest part of the day?


See this cute boy next to her?


She tried to cuddle up to him because she was tired and just wanted to rest her head…

All the moms were ooh-ing and ahh-ing how cute they were on their little bench…

Then it happened.

He squirmed away and she totally fell off into the dirt.

We couldn’t help but laugh.

Chloe didn’t think it was so funny.

Just so typical of boys.

My girl is learning early not to trust them.


He didn’t even try to help her up! :)


Oh well. She had fun anyway!


I am so in love with this kid.

She’s totally NOT a baby anymore.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Chloe’s Swanky Soiree

(AKA FINAL weekend post.)

Chloe’s first birthday party was so special.IMG_8912_1

I am so glad we decided to make an event out of it.


It is so rewarding to be a part of her life. IMG_8915_1

Celebrating milestones with her is the least we can do.




Cupcake pop favors. Seriously. Go make them now.IMG_8820_1

Your tummy will be eternally grateful.


No girlie 1st birthday is complete without a tutu!

IMG_8882 IMG_8891_1    

The princess atop her birthday throneIMG_8930

IMG_8935 IMG_8949 A cupcake for our cupcake.IMG_8978

Note: I ate my first birthday cake in here too!IMG_8835_1  

Here she goes…


Ohhh that felt weird!

I’ll just wipe it off and hope nobody noticed.


Daddy! Why did you let me do that?!


Ohhhhh…that does taste good…. IMG_8984_1

Hmm….Now what…


Notice the shifty eyes…

IMG_8987_1  IMG_8988_1


Okay…nobody seems to want to stop me so I’m gonna go for it!  IMG_9006_1IMG_9003_1IMG_9025_1IMG_9027_1      

Clapping for herself for a job well done!IMG_9034_1

Chloe had little interest in opening her presents yesterday.

The real entertainment was when her new tickle-me-Elmo started playing with her!

Evidently he is a little scary at first…

IMG_9096_1 IMG_9098_1

My guess is in a couple months, they’ll be best buds.


Gigi & Papa, we can never thank you enough for hosting at your house.

Sorry for getting you sick!

Ashley’s Party ~ AKA Weekend Part II

Chloe’s big cousin Ashley had a fabulous party on Saturday evening, complete with a bounce house, margarita machine and delicious tacos made on site.

I was in heaven.

Or would have been.

If I could have just had a few margaritas.

Yes. I said a few.

It’s been a while.

But seriously, the tacos were out of this world.

So is Miss Ashley.


IMG_8803_1  IMG_8781_1 IMG_8791 IMG_8794 IMG_8798  IMG_8813 IMG_8751_1  IMG_8739_1 IMG_8748_1IMG_9050_1