Sunday, September 20, 2009


So up until this point I’ve just kind of assumed Chloe was doing the same babble she always does.

However, this weekend we realized she is actually repeating a couple words she hears.

When I say repeat, I mean she repeats it as a baby would.

Don’t expect perfect vocabulary yet, folks!

For example, when we color, we say, “Color, color!”

To which she responds with some crazy babbling clicking sounds.

But it’s obvious she’s repeating “color, color”.

Over and over.

it’s kind of like… heaven.

Then she goes to town with her crayon or magna doodle.

I also heard her about a month back try to say buckle, buckle after I said it when we got into the car one time.

I thought nothing of it until this weekend when we realized she was saying “color, color”.

I said it again just to test her out.

“buckle, buckle” i said…

“uglukle” was her response.


You can totally tell she’s saying it back.

I know, not a big deal to those of you with talkers.

But seriously.

I’m so excited.

It’s just the cutest dang thing.

I don’t know how we can possibly fall more in love with this kid.

But, everyday… we find a way!


Anonymous said...

How exciting Jen... I know one of my favoprite moments is when i first heard i love you... you will melt i promise. Congrats Chloe on your new talking.
Love Jennell

Anonymous said...

These are the times when I wish i lived around the corner....(well, I always wish for that). Chloe changes so much everyday and she is so bright and fun to observe. I am waiting for her to say "Gigi". xoxooMOM