Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Apple Picking

Our mommy & me class went apple picking this morning.IMG_9100_1

Chloe even took her first hayride today!


Mystery solved: I found out where we picked up our fabulous colds.


Our mommy & me class from last week!


Turns out we weren’t the only ones that caught the bug.

But it does appear to have hit me the hardest.

Go figure.

Chloe loved munching on the apples as we went along.


She kept dropping good ones and would find sandy or rotten ones to munch on.


Funniest part of the day?


See this cute boy next to her?


She tried to cuddle up to him because she was tired and just wanted to rest her head…

All the moms were ooh-ing and ahh-ing how cute they were on their little bench…

Then it happened.

He squirmed away and she totally fell off into the dirt.

We couldn’t help but laugh.

Chloe didn’t think it was so funny.

Just so typical of boys.

My girl is learning early not to trust them.


He didn’t even try to help her up! :)


Oh well. She had fun anyway!


I am so in love with this kid.

She’s totally NOT a baby anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Another cute story and adorable pictures. The story about Chloe falling into the dirt becuz the boy got up is priceless. I love her outfit and the apples straight from the tree. Thanks Jenny for the quick posts. They are so welcome. xoxoox my girls. Mom