Thursday, September 10, 2009

Happy 1st Birthday!

It’s official.

Chloe is 1.


It hasn’t sunk in yet.

Although, what does it really mean to be 1?

To me, it means we’ve survived.

Chloe is happy, healthy and totally thriving.

But in all honesty, her first birthday feels like it’s less about her and more about us as a family.IMG_8645_1

Chloe doesn’t know the difference between today, yesterday and tomorrow.

But we do.

She was a total peach today.

If you consider drama peachy.


Today I noticed her next two top teeth are going to arrive soon!! AKA. Chloe is slightly cranky and drooly.

Still a peach, however.

Now that Chloe is 1, we see new tricks and changes on a daily basis.

She loves loves loves waving.

And Walking. And more walking. Have I mentioned walking?


And clapping. And Dancing. And green beans, tomatoes, grapes, grilled cheese, raisins, cheerios and string cheese.

She loves figuring out how things work, she’s doing her best at working on puzzles… she’s even started coloring.

Have I mentioned she cleans??

Give the girl a rag or a wipe and she’s off.

Sometimes you can even point to a surface and get her to give it a good scrubbing.

Usually, however, she likes to be independent and clean as she sees fit.

She also loves to point.


At everything.

Another favorite of hers is ignoring us when we say “no”.

She is now completely attached to her blankies in addition to her pacifiers.

She even lets us know when she’s getting tired by carrying around her blankie, laying it across our legs or the floor and laying her head on it.

We say, “Ohhh night night, baby!!” and she immediately pops her head up and cracks up.

She now rides in a big girl car seat!

In it, she likes to watch the world go by.

And point.

IMG_8666_1 IMG_8656_1  

Did I step in something?!


Mom, you check…



IMG_8534_1 IMG_8535_1 IMG_8536_1   IMG_8502_1    IMG_8450_1  IMG_8642_boost  

But the best part of today?

She planted a juicy, slobbery, wet one on my face.

Let’s get one thing clear.

Chloe is NOT a kisser.


She knows what a kiss is and she chooses to ignore requests for them.

Except for today. I asked for one and she came running full speed at me with her mouth hanging wide open.

I thought she was kidding, like she always does when she has something you want.

Until she planted it right on me.



I don’t expect her to give anymore. It was just like she knew it was her birthday and that was her present to me!


Anonymous said...

Pure magic. See you tonight. xoxoGIGI

Anonymous said...

GORGEOUS GIRL! Can't wait to see you this weekend!

Anonymous said...

beautiful baby....i love you, aunt suzy