Monday, September 14, 2009

Chloe’s Swanky Soiree

(AKA FINAL weekend post.)

Chloe’s first birthday party was so special.IMG_8912_1

I am so glad we decided to make an event out of it.


It is so rewarding to be a part of her life. IMG_8915_1

Celebrating milestones with her is the least we can do.




Cupcake pop favors. Seriously. Go make them now.IMG_8820_1

Your tummy will be eternally grateful.


No girlie 1st birthday is complete without a tutu!

IMG_8882 IMG_8891_1    

The princess atop her birthday throneIMG_8930

IMG_8935 IMG_8949 A cupcake for our cupcake.IMG_8978

Note: I ate my first birthday cake in here too!IMG_8835_1  

Here she goes…


Ohhh that felt weird!

I’ll just wipe it off and hope nobody noticed.


Daddy! Why did you let me do that?!


Ohhhhh…that does taste good…. IMG_8984_1

Hmm….Now what…


Notice the shifty eyes…

IMG_8987_1  IMG_8988_1


Okay…nobody seems to want to stop me so I’m gonna go for it!  IMG_9006_1IMG_9003_1IMG_9025_1IMG_9027_1      

Clapping for herself for a job well done!IMG_9034_1

Chloe had little interest in opening her presents yesterday.

The real entertainment was when her new tickle-me-Elmo started playing with her!

Evidently he is a little scary at first…

IMG_9096_1 IMG_9098_1

My guess is in a couple months, they’ll be best buds.


Gigi & Papa, we can never thank you enough for hosting at your house.

Sorry for getting you sick!

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Anonymous said...

Chloe, you had such a beautiful party and i'm so sorry that we missed it. Thankyou Jen for the amazing pictures.
Jennell, Jeff & Kailynn