Tuesday, September 22, 2009

12 Month Checkup

Yes. This is yet another post without pictures.
Like the title gives away, Chloe had her 12 month checkup (and shots!) today.
She's 23 lbs and 31 inches long.
She's in the 75th % for weight now and 95% for height (WHAT?!) and her head (as always) is just right at 50%.
I still can't believe she did a little switcheroo with her height and weight. Maybe they read the chart wrong !!
She's perfect in every way.
You know, except for the 3rd eye and devil horns that tend to come out every now and then.
But let's get one thing clear.
She doesn't enjoy getting shots.
Oh her little face... It broke my heart.
For some reason these shots were a lot harder on me (and her) than the first few sets.
Probably because she thinks I'm to blame (which, I guess I am).
The look on her face is just pitiful (beyond pitiful, really) as she momentarily stops breathing, her face turns almost purple and she opens her mouth so wide I swear you could see down her throat...
But ya know, 30 seconds later she's a cool chick again.
I dig that about her.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh....shots are the worst when you are a mom. It never fails that you were always in a GREAT mood on shot day. It really did break my heart too. I thought you said she never cried with her shots......this must be something new. Kiss her boo boo for Gigi. xoxooxMOM

Anonymous said...

I thought Fudge was superhuman, she never really cried for shots... So the truth comes out, she is a great big sissy just like her mommy! Jk. -Chris