Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Part 1

This was certainly a doozie of a weekend.

I think it will take me the next 7 weeks to recover fully.

I am sick.

Chloe is also sick.

There may be others.

Hopefully we haven’t infected all of Southern California.

We are sorry.


Poor Chloe.

She is so off her schedule. And Teething.

She’s been up until 8:30 or later the last 3 nights.

She was up last night until 9:00.

Then up again at 10:30 pm.

Up for good at 6:00 am.


Send help.


Just kidding.

We’ll manage.

Dear Chloe. Mommy is sick.

Please return to our regularly scheduled 6:30-6:30 sleep routine.

It works wonderfully.

The next few posts will recap our fun-filled and BUSY weekend.

Complete with … Yes… her first birthday party pictures!

But you know I have to save the best for last :) 


Pictures of the aqua baby at Gigi and Papas house.

Now please excuse me while I go hibernate.

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Anonymous said...

beautiful girl. xoxoGIGI