Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Frequent Flyer

I think I am now considered a frequent flyer at my OB/GYN office.
Too bad I don't get a discount or any sweet perks.
Just a sweet nocturnal prize at the end.
I'm now having appointments every 2 weeks instead of once a month.
Then, after a couple of those, I'll be down to every week!
I really can't believe we're already at that point.
I am getting SO so SO excited.

My appointment today went really well, especially considering they told me that ...
I do NOT have Gestational Diabetes!!!
Actually all 4 of my blood draws came back completely normal.
Surprisingly normal. The midwife made a point of stressing they were LOW normal.
So good news.

I had a lot of anxiety about this appointment, I was worried I'd hear that I had GD and I'm just not ready for something else to be wrong with this pregnancy. Sooo today feels kind of like a milestone, it's the point of no return (as if we weren't already there!) and life only gets crazier from here on out. Our boxing queen Lauren will be here before we know what hit us.

But honestly, I can't help but think about how this is the last pregnancy. It's always in the back of my mind, these pregnancies really do go by in the blink of an eye, you wake up and your daughter is almost 11 months old. I'm only 25 and I'm just 3 months away from not ever feeling a baby kick me from the inside again. Oddly enough, that is pretty bittersweet for me.

Basically from everything they've been telling me, my labor with Lauren should be easier/faster than with Chloe...
Let's hope they're right.

As to whether or not my body will actually know to START the labor process is unknown. I have a good chance of another positive induction because Chloe's went so *ahem* smoothly. Riiight.

Also, if for some reason Lauren remains breech, the OB will give her a little spin around 36 weeks...
Here's to hoping we have a smooth ride from here on out. And to Lauren coming sometime in the month of October. No sooner. No later.

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Anonymous said...

Jenny. What great news honey. I am so glad that things are beginning to go smoothly with little Lauren. I think she is going to be your feisty little one. Although, Chloe did exhibit some definite moments of temper last weekend. Anyway, I am very excited too. I can't wait. October 13th or the 15th are good dates. xooxoxoMOM/GIGI