Saturday, April 17, 2010

All About Chloe.

This post is full of pictures.


They are all of Chloe and Chloe alone…

Except for this one.


I can’t get over the sister-love.

It takes my breath away.


Don’t worry, Lauren hasn’t been forgotten.

In fact, she’s almost 6 months… 

Which means that in just a couple days, she’ll get a post entirely of her own.

Until then, enjoy some good times with Chloe…Crying tantrums and all :)IMG_8177IMG_8181

Penelope makes everything all better…IMG_8191IMG_8219_1IMG_8212_1

 IMG_8168      IMG_8229 IMG_8237

IMG_8397  IMG_8409

Aaaaandddd more Penelope-love.

IMG_8413 IMG_8415

Now we put Penelope in Lauren’s seat…


….And now we read our favorite book to Penelope…



…And now we try out Lauren’s chair for ourselves.


Look at these eyelashes!IMG_8505 IMG_8606_1


Christine said...

Oh I love Chloe! She is so gorgeous! And your photos are amazing! I wish you could come take some of Aria... too bad we live so far away!

Anonymous said...

sucha beauty and love her "do" in pony tails. Too bad she doesn't own a decent outfit!!!! Hope you're feeling better, and I DO love the pics of your babies. xoxo GSue

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen.
Taylor and Alex love the new photos of girls. They think Lauren has big eyes.
They keep asking to see photos of their cousins.