Friday, October 10, 2008

1 Month

Chloe has been with us for an entire month today!
All that makes me realize is that it's a month I'll never get back with her.
A month that is now a memory.
Good thing we have lots of pictures to remember it by.

When she falls asleep in my arms, I never want to put her down because I know when I do, she'll be that much older and bigger. It's so sad; the clothes that used to swim on her are now bulging at the sides. She was 8 lbs 14 oz on Wednesday. By next week, she'll be well into the 9lbs!

She gets so much attention wherever we go; I took her to Costco AND Vons yesterday and she was a perfect peach. The young guy putting our Costco things back in our cart kept talking to her and marveling at how little she was, etc. All the employees at Vons left their cash registers to swarm her and ooh and ahh. It's so fun to show her off!
Does she look 1.5 lb bigger??

My Sleeping Beauty!

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