Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Dear Time: Please Slow DOWN!

Chloe is officially 3 weeks old today!
Time has flown by so fast. She's already 8 lbs 3 oz!! I can't believe it. I had them re-weigh her twice. I just figured she'd stay around 7 lbs forever. Ok. Not forever, but at least a little longer!!

I've loved the last 3 weeks. It has gone by way too fast. I love that she's becoming more aware of Chris and I. She has always been really alert, but now she's focusing in on us. I can't help but just stare at her and kiss her over and over. I just wish I could make time slow down.

Well... she's waking up from her nap so I'll leave you with some pictures and a video to hold you over!


Anonymous said...

Little Chloe. You are changing so quickly. It has only been 3 weeks? How could I love you so much already? I miss you but lucky to have such great pictures and your videos. Thanks to my Jenny. You are such a sweetheart. Love you all so much. xooxoxGrandma Lynn/Mom

Anonymous said...


TL said...

STOP IT! She is getting cuter by the MINUTE!