Monday, September 29, 2008

So much to say...

That's right. My baby wears her trousers up to her neck. Mhmm. Ok. So the 0-3 size is still swimming on her... I can't wait for this outfit to fit her! OK...the truth is I can wait. I love how little she is still!!

In devastatingly sad news, Chris went back to work today. Not only am I lost without the extra set of hands, but I really miss him. We haven't spent that much time together since our honeymoon! Miss you Monkey! Look how freakin' cute he is. What a good sport.

Some pics from our fabulous trip to the OC!

Chloe got to meet her ridiculously cute cousin (who should seriously be a baby model), her aunt Tracee and Uncle Chris and even her great aunt Suzy!! I'm so glad we made the trip down. It was so worth the friday traffic to get there. We even got to have lunch with Chris' cousin Neil and his wife, Misa. Not to mention I got to wander around Fashion Island for a little. It has changed from my Balboa Island days, that's for sure! The Santa Maria mall leaves a LOT to be desired!

Sorry the video is sideways; the important thing is that somehow we lucked out and caught our baby girl sneezing. Make sure you have the sound on; her noise afterwards is so dang cute! (proud parent perhaps? Geez.)

*During this blog posting, I would like you to know that Chloe had a major blowout. Yes. That is right. Too much information for you? I think not. Luckily Chris had arrived home for lunch JUST in time to lend a helping hand. Thank goodness. It should have been a 3 person job considering she got a second wind AS we were changing her diaper. Yes. I want to blog about this so we never forget; well at least so we can use it to make her feel guilty when we get older and need her to take care of US!!

*our little poopy pants princess*


Anonymous said...

Is it possible to wear out the video. Everytime I needed a laugh today, i went back to your blog to hear that little sound after her sneeze. That is so cute. You are right. What fun it was to be with all of you this past weekend. Thanks Tracee and Chris for putting up with all of us. You were great hosts! Give Chloe a hug for me. xooxoxoGrandma Lynn

Anonymous said...

By the you realize how quickly Chloe has changed in a little over 2 weeks. She is so alert and cute...adorable. Love you chloe. xooxoxGrandma Lynn

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I showed up just in time to lend a hand all right. She filled my hand as I was carrying her to bathtub... She didn't waste any time breaking me into this whole parenting thing... I don't want to say it can't get nastier then a whole handful of baby goo, I'm sure it will... I still love you Chloe...