Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Final Pieces...

Well, the final pieces have finally been added to Chloe's room. I can't believe I didn't put this in the blog earlier, but with having a newborn and all, lots of things have slipped my mind. I've been begging Grandpa Chuck to paint something for Chloe's room...I know how much the painting I have from him means to me and I wanted Chloe to have something she would always have from her grandpa (aka. the baby whisperer). I'd been saving a spot right over the crib for said artwork and when they came to visit last week, he surprised us with 2 paintings!

It means so much to me to have these; I love sitting in the glider in her room and looking at them. I can't thank you enough, dad. I hope you're enjoying your time in Hawaii, even though you have to work. At least try and work on your tan!

I love the painting below... It reminds me of the central coast. Chloe will always know how beautiful it is here, no matter where we end up! Note the moon...Grandpa Chuck has an interesting moon story from driving home from our house one time.


Anonymous said...

Dad will be so pleased. He was flattered you asked him to paint something for Chloe's room and his first attempt was the picture with the hat and the moon. I foolishly advised him it wasn't girly enough for a baby's room so he began again and painted the cherry blossom. WHAT DO I KNOW! Both pictures were designed with love and happiness for you and your little family of 3. You are blessed to be loved by so many. Always know we are there for all of you. Love you so much. xoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

what an amazing artist, and how special those will be for Chloe.