Friday, September 5, 2008

We're Moving Our Due Date!

Nobody likes a birthday girl who is late to her own party!
I've tried bribing her with cars, diamonds, puppies and all the other fabulous things little girls want. She isn't interested, evidently.

That being said, I've posted a new poll ... feel free to vote... (can you tell I'm out of things to do?!)

My guess is that she'll either share her cousin Ashley's birthday on September 7th or she'll wait until September 11th. Then again, she might not even be here by then! That being said, I'm moving our due date to next Friday, September 12th. I dont think the mind game will work, but I'm going to try.

My mind is playing tricks on me like you wouldn't believe. One minute I can't wait for her to come out, the next minute my mind flashes to my weekends and I'm reminded that I will NEVER sleep again. This morning, what I'm telling myself is that one week is nothing.
Chris helped me out of my pity party yesterday and gave me some fabulous insight and said that either way, we'll be in the hospital within a week (the doctor probably won't let me go 10 days past due). That is such good news!

Sleep has been a big joke. I lay awake for hours every night with hip (and now some nice back pain) wondering "Will Tonight Be The Night??" Then again, when I wake up, I wonder, "Will Today Be The Day?" Oh well. I'm not even due until September 12th now so it's still early!! Haha.

Anyway - I'm thankful for all the support Chris has given me the last few days. They have been dragging and have really been bumming me out. I'm so lucky that he always has some way of putting everything into perspective and making me feel better.

I'll try posting more lamenting tomorrow to keep all of you entertained :) I'm sorry the posts are getting so boring. Just one more week and we'll be posting pictures of Chloe! YAY~!!!


Anonymous said...

As usual, your post made my day! You are so very funny and your new due date is a great idea. It would be ironic if Chloe comes on Ashley's birthday....and so fun for years to come. Relax, kick back, read a book and enjoy the quiet. The storm is coming!! xoxoMOM

Holan said...

This is Daryl and Mary, chris's friend. Just got your site, very excted for you and hope everything goes flawlessly.

Anonymous said...

Hey Daryl and Mary - Jen, think I got us a babysitter =P.

I've always felt like I've been pretty responsible, but now I'm entering a whole new realm of responsibility. Luckily Jen is extremelly mature for her age (even more so then her crusty husband), so I'm not too worried. However, we will see in a week when I'm knee deep in baby sauce...


Anonymous said...

Hey...I am waiting for the lamenting for the day!!! What gives??