Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Officially Overdue.

Sooo our due date came and went. Big surprise. Life goes on, I suppose, but I'm officially bored and waiting for her to come out. I have a lot of hip pain when I lay down and try to sleep, which is new for me. I say try because I haven't slept well since my post bragging about how Tylenol PM is the greatest. I don't feel the same relationship with Tylenol PM anymore. In fact, after Chloe comes, I'd like to forget it ever existed.

I did go and get my nails done yesterday which was SOooo nice. I sat down in the chair and the nail lady said, "When are you due?" I said, "Today." She was shocked! She said I didn't look like I was even full term (she must have just wanted a big tip). In any case, she then said, "I could put you into labor, you know". What?! (Evidently she knows the spot to cause contractions...) I said, "That'd be great!!" she then replied...

"But I'm not allowed to."
Don't you KNOW not to tease a pregnant lady like that?! Ugh. I know, no guarantee it would have worked but there woulda been a hefty tip involved if she'd given it a good shot... and a lifelong customer if it had actually worked!

Anyway - as I was leaving a lady who looked like she was seriously carrying a basketball team in her belly waddled in. I say waddle because it's the nicest choice of words for her situation. I seriously thought she was having 4 or 5 kids. Her belly hung out like 4 feet in every direction. I felt so bad for her and thought, ok, she deserves a medal for going this far (overdue, I assumed). Turns out she's 38 weeks. With one baby in there. One.

Yes, for a split second yesterday, I thanked my lucky stars for having such a great pregnancy.

Split second over.
Get out, Chloe.
**Update** ~ Had our doctors appointment this morning and although we've made SLIGHT progress... I made another doctors appointment for this time next week, at which point we'll have to have a 'talk' if she isn't here by then. Chloe... that means come out now. Daddy doesn't want to work anymore and mommy is bored.

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Anonymous said...

Hey. I almost missed your update. Slight progress is better than no progress. Chloe is just making her pending arrival more suspenseful. She will be here before you know it. xoxooMOM