Thursday, September 18, 2008

Week 1 Recap.

Well, the first week really was an experience! I couldn't help but think over and over to myself that I'd be scared out of my mind if this was my first time around a baby! Thankfully, I got a good taste of the baby life when my niece Taylor was younger. Although, I have to admit, things are much scarier when they're you're baby vs. someone elses. I always felt confident driving Taylor around, helping her when she'd swallow her bottle too fast, etc. But when it comes to my own kid, it seems so different! I know I'm capable, but not having the security blanket of her real parents makes it ... well... real. Make sense?

I've also learned that just like having a well thought out birth plan (which I didn't have because I know they always go the opposite way when you have one), the ideas and beliefs you have about bringing home a baby soon go out the window and you do whatever you have to in order to get through.

Things that I thought I Wouldn't Do:
1. Give Formula. (She's only had a couple ounces and that was days ago now, I'm proud to say!)
2. Give a Pacifier (especially this early on!) It became a necessity, although she hasn't mastered how to keep it in her mouth. Once she falls asleep, she kicks it out and wakes herself up!
3. CO-SLEEP! I never in my wildest dreams thought I'd bring baby into bed. However, it made everything a lot easier on us not having to keep getting up to put her paci in, check to see if she's breathing, get her for feedings, etc. I will say, however, that she did sleep in her cradle last night although not nearly as well. I did enjoy being able to sprawl out last night, however, so hopefully she'll learn to self-soothe or keep her paci and she can keep up the cradle thing!

Things I've Loved:
1. The way she sleeps with her mouth open.
2. Hearing Chris talk to her.
3. Her little cooing noises.
4. Her Dimples.
5. Seeing how confident Chris has become with her. He's now the baby whisperer of the household.
6. Seeing a Poopy Diaper after 4 days without one. Go figure.
7. Watching her change. This morning she kept smiling in her sleep, a pretty new development. I'm ready for her to do it for real now!
8. Ok. I give up. I could go on forever. I love everything about her!

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