Friday, April 10, 2009

7 Months...

Two posts in one day... I know... Unheard of.

Chloe grows more and more each day.

She's becoming QUITE vocal although you'd never know it because she's usually a mute unless she's around Chris and I.
Silly Girl. She prefers to bat her eye lashes and flirt with everyone else.
EVERYONE loves Chloe. Could be because she's always so good...
Could also be because nobody can resist a big, huge flower headband.
If I could make her sleep in it, I would. Well, actually she has slept in it (in her car seat). She quite enjoys it. She knows she's beautiful.
(Thanks Mimi & Papa!!!!)

Chloe is a FABULOUS baby/Infant/Almost grown woman. Yikes.

Ok. I know that's a long way off. But still.
She's LOVES her bath time, she splashes like it's going out of style...
she just looks up at us with her water soaked face and smiles her big, huge gummy grin.
She has taken a liking to repeating babababababababa incessantly and randomly throwing in a dada or a mama. I won't hold my breath.
But, I guess, in the biggest news of all, she's become a pro at crawling. When she wants to.
The biggest surprise? No teeth yet!
Chloe also hates HATES HATES when you wipe her face after dinner. She doesn't like that you have ended her meal service and she certainly would rather you don't wipe her face. When I say she hates it, I mean she's in complete hysterics and the only thing that will calm her down is more food or a pacifier. She's serious about eating.

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