Monday, April 27, 2009

The Big One...

For those of you who don't already know, we're about to throw you a curve ball. I'm not sure anybody expected us to be the next ones announcing this....
But Guess What?!

That's ours.
It's not Chloe!
Due Date: October 29th, 2009
It's been hard keeping this quiet, but we wanted to make sure everything was a-ok.
We got back from our NT scan this morning and the doctor gave us a great report.

I've been extremely nervous because I've felt so... Normal... but so far, this baby is a piece of cake just like Chloe was. Well, except for the whole making me YA KNOW on the plane. Twice.
Note to self: Never fly when pregnant.
That shouldn't be a problem because this is most likely our last pregnancy... I have to admit, It's sad to think about that. I do love being pregnant...
Who knows... Perhaps 10 years down the road we'll change our mind and try for that elusive boy. Haha. I'm not sure Chris could handle 3 daughters and a wife if we're wrong, however.

By the way, NO, we do not know the gender... although... I'm going to pretend I am a sonographer and say I know what I saw... and I saw... NADA. Actually, that ultrasound pic looks IDENTICAL to Chloe's :)
I'd love it if we got another chance to wear some of Chloe's ridiculously cute outfits. It is so sad to put them away after she only wore them a few times!!


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing. I haven't seen one more clear than this. I can almost see the flowered headband on the baby! Except I know "she" is a "he". Thanks for sharing. xooxox

Anonymous said...

This si so awsome!!! Congrats!! While i hope that you can use all of the cute outfits on #2. but it would be cool too for the first grandson on the "J" side.
All our love,
Jennell, Jeff & Kailynn