Friday, May 1, 2009

Life Goes On...

Well, after our big adventure, our life has resumed as normal. Except with a lot less sleep.
Chloe must just be getting us ready for having another newborn in the house. She's starting to regress and act like one again, she's up all night!!

Her two bottom teeth are the most adorable thing on earth - I can't get a good picture of them yet, however...

Chloe showed me how fabulous she was at playing Peek-A-Boo yesterday. Turns out she's a pro! Who knew?!

Skip if you are easily grossed out:
Today, Chloe was helping me get dinner ready by playing with her cooking utensils on the floor when I happened to turn around and for a moment I panicked. I thought she had gotten into the flour can. The floor was COVERED in white... Turns out Chloe had just spit up and then thought it was fun to sit in it, crawl through it and finger paint with it. I love being a mom! She was so pleased with herself!

Wasn't that a great story!?... Talk to ya later!

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