Tuesday, May 12, 2009

8 Months

Yes. I’ll admit it. Chloe turned 8 months on Sunday.

Mothers Day.

I forgot.


It’s not the first and it won’t be the last.


Over the last month Chloe has had a lot of firsts.


It’s when she first started crawling. Now she’s practically running (on all four’s of course)

It was her first Easter, her first Mothers Day in person, her first plane flight, her first time seeing her Boston family…


Her first time pulling herself up…

Put all those things together and we have a seriously on the move baby!


She also cut her first two teeth!


Luckily, she’s back to sleeping through the night, (although she has cut her sleep short and likes to wake up between 5:30 an d 6:00!)IMG_5557 

Now if we could just get rid of that nasty runny nose she picked up in Boston!!!


(Who, ME?!)

She talks all the time now, and by talk I mean babble…

The last week or so has been really interesting. Everyday Chloe really has changed. She’s no longer an infant, she’s hardly even a baby anymore.  I’m accepting this fact just fine, but it’s hard when she is no longer content in your arms and would rather be investigating the dishwasher or stairs…


Luckily our nighttime routine proves to me she’s still a softie at heart.



She really loves to take a nice ride in her stroller.

Oh yeah, and give her a water bottle to play with and she’s in heaven.IMG_5455

Love you baby girl!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the videos. I love watching her crawl. I hope she isn't walking before I get to see her again. LJ