Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sisterly Love.

I’m giving you a post with pictures…


I love these kids.

They are SO cute.

I’m sure you need a break from videos for a few minutes…

I have SO many random videos.

Some much better than others I’m sure you’ve realized.

But the best thing lately?

The whole sisterly love thing.

ohhh and silly faces…

Ohh and the super duper curly-q hair…


This is a mild day:


You should see the kid after a bath.


Delightfully cute. 


Doing puzzles together…

IMG_9723_1 IMG_9726_1 IMG_9728_1 IMG_9740_1 

Silly face # 4,382,382 today:

IMG_9747_1 IMG_9750_1 IMG_9752_1 IMG_9756_1


Seriously…is this kid REALLY mine?
I am constantly in awe.


She is hilarious, outgoing, amazing, adorable, cuddly, vivacious, and independent.

And strong-willed.

I’ll spare you Tantrum photo # 4,283,382 from this morning.


Chloe may have competition for Penelope.


Lauren seems to want to re-claim hers…

  IMG_9617_1 IMG_9619_1


IMG_9620_1 IMG_9625

Ok. This just killed me this morning.


It went on forEVER…


And Lauren LOVEd it.


Chloe loved it even more.


I thinks she’s finding there are quite a few benefits to having a baby sister.

As if she didn’t already love her a ton, she now has realized Lauren can serve as her very own, live, giggling baby doll!   IMG_9649_1  IMG_9653_1 IMG_9660_1  IMG_9665_1 IMG_9666_1 IMG_9675 IMG_9683

Oh yeah…then there’s this chick who FINALLY got her hair done.


Every 7 months isnt too long, right?!

Ok. Back to the crazies!

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Christine said...

Your girls are super cute!! I can't get enough of them :) And your hair looks lovely... I'm up to about 9 months since my last cut!! :)