Friday, May 21, 2010

The Best (Early) Present…

You could ever give a mom for her birthday??

Photos of herself!!

Just kidding.

Ok… how about photos of herself + husband?


That’s nice…

But what’s even better?

Photos that involve her and her little family.



My cousin and her cute boyfriend came and took some pictures of us…



Except one toddler wasn’t having ANY of it.

That is, until she once again became the center of attention.

It’s like she knew the focus was 100% on her.

We decided to take pictures without her!


The wind also gave us a little run for our money :)


But all in all, we still got some winners…


Even if we had to let Chloe stuff her face with Fruit Loops to do it.

So anyway…


Here are my loves.

I am just bursting with pride.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you C&P


P.S. I LOVE how Chloe is looking at me in this picture…



And my monkey… you know smiling for the camera isn’t exactly his thing, but he’s great at it!


Ohh and one thing I realized??

I really need to learn some photoshop tricks…

There are way too many pictures with a mouth full of ‘loops…


I can’t get rid of the evidence!  

DSC_0029_2    DSC_0126_1    IMG_9930_1


Anonymous said...

Jenny. You have never looked more beautiful and happy in your entire life. You family is adorable and as your mom, I want to thank Chris for making your life so fabulous. You are one of the "good guys" Chris and I couldn't be prouder of you than if you were my own son. You have made Jenny so happy. I see it in her eyes, her smile and the way she looks at you and her girls. The pictures are so good. Jenny. You are amazing. I can't wait to see the girls in a couple of weeks. Love you all so so much. xooxoxGIGI/MOM

Jen said...

Ohh mom... Your comments always leave me teary-eyed and mushy. Thanks for that! It keeps me posting. I LOVE these pictures. They perfectly represent us and how happy we are.