Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day…


Chloe is in her crib.

It’s 1:30 and she had her first nap at 8:00 am.


She’s still in her pajamas and I am insisting (in the nicest way, of course) that she take yet another nap.


Or not.

Whatever she chooses to do in there is her business.


Today, she’s choosing to yell “Heyooooo, heyoooooo” (aka. Hello)

(The next picture series portray just how great Chloe is at being a big sister! She’s love to pretend she’s a mommy herself…

Wiping Lauren’s face…


Doing the arm throw across Lauren's chest to stop her from falling…

… (you know…the one that our moms did to us when we had to stop at a red light suddenly)


Anyway, during her naptimes, I try to stay out of her business, but it kind of becomes my business when she digs in her business.  Which she has done twice in the last week.


That’s a nice way of saying she pooped while napping and I left her in a dress and she somehow managed to get it all over her crib.


Wash sheets, disinfect crib, wash child.


Try for another nap.


But most days?


She is a cool cat.


Especially today and yesterday.


Especially when she just doesn’t want to nap and would rather talk to you.


Whoever ‘you’ might be.


I get to spend this Mothers Day weekend not only with my girls but also with MY own mama!

Papa and Gigi are driving up tomorrow!!

I haven’t told Chloe yet because all she’ll do is walk around saying “Papa” and “Gigi” for the next 24+ hours.


*Did you say Papa and Gigi?! Lauren! Get off me!!!! I need to go find Papa and Gigi!*


*You can leave, but I get the Magna Doodle*


Saturday morning we’re taking part in a 5K here.

I’m going to push the girls in the jogger and walk most of it, but I am so excited.

And nervous!



   IMG_9140_2  IMG_9152_3 IMG_9172_3  IMG_9200_1 

Love the baby snarl.

It’s my first Mothers day as an official mother of two!

That being said, Happy Mothers Day to you mothers out there.


Anonymous said...

Pure magic. I can't wait for tomorrow. See you then. xoxoMOM

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, I've been away w/o a computer for a week and it's heaven to catch up with the Johnson beauties again. So darn cute and Lauren so engaged with what big sis is doing! You make these pics so fun and interesting. Also got to see some great new stuff from the cuz down here. Pretty girls run in the family...each generation...xoxo, GSue