Saturday, May 15, 2010


There have been some changes here recently.

Lauren is at the center of most of them.

ok. all of them.


(This is what happens when you leave Chloe to watch Lauren for 15 seconds so you can run and get your camera… PS. Gigi you left your hat!)


Each day, she seems like a different kid.IMG_9530

More grown up, more mature and slightly crabbier in nature.

Either she’s teething or she’s learned she can get someone to hold her 100% of the day simply by whining.

She’s so pitiful when she whines.IMG_9526

And so cute.

Our last, spoiled rotten child.


Then again, Chloe is our First and still spoiled rotten.

What gives?

Not only has she absolutely mastered sitting pretty much overnight, but

Lauren is…



It’s the cutest dang thing.

She ends up where she wants to but not before accidentally propelling herself backwards a couple feet before remembering how to go forward…

Oh and she stands but doesn’t pull herself up.


I’m not going to rush her…


…I know that with these things comes independence…

And I love having a ‘baby’ still.


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Anonymous said...

Love the whales. Love these pictures. Love this kid!!! xoxoGIGI