Monday, May 24, 2010

7 Months

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A few days late…


(of course)

Tardiness seems to be our thing around here.

Well HELLO, Lovie!


I can’t believe you’re mine!


Lauren seriously has just been getting cuter by the minute.


She went through a little ‘phase’ last week where she wanted to be held 24/7.

It proved to be a slightly difficult week with both girls, but I am really such a schmuck for this kid that I was happy to hold her as much as I could.



We are really appreciating every moment with her while she’s little.

Before she becomes independent. And starts having tantrums.


She’s SO vocal now, constantly babbling “Dadadadada”.

Not to mention she’s really getting mobile.


She has been able to crawl for a few days now but it wasn’t until today that I started having to really keep an eye on her…


She’s on the move!


She and Chloe really have a great time together now…

Sometimes they’re just content to laugh with each other.


Ohh and you have the longest eyelashes…


(along with your sister)

You are sleeping from 6:15ish to between 5:45 and 6:15 every day.

A little early for my taste, but that’s how you girls have been from the start…


You eat 3 8oz bottles a day…


You have started eating solids every evening.

There isn’t enough solid food in the world to appease you.


You can eat your weight in squash and pears if we’d let you.

I am honestly amazed at how wide you’ll open your mouth…


…and how quickly you can put away a serving (or two!)…

You’re wearing size 3 diapers and anywhere from 3 month to 9 month clothes.

You are called “Midge” as often as we call you Lauren…

My other favorite nickname for you is ‘ticklebug’… you are SO ticklish.

Sometimes I sing a song to you that goes, “Chicken-wing, chicken-wing, Chicken-wing Lauren”… Not only do YOU get a huge kick out of it, but Chloe LOVES the song. 

I decided one day your arms kept flapping like a chickens all crazy-like so I made up the song… and crazy as it is, it totally stuck.

And no, I will not sing it for an audience!

Oh and one more thing…

We love you to pieces!!!


Happy 7 months babycakes.

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Anonymous said...

Lauren is a beauty. Her smile can melt your heart and her chubby little legs are adorable. I am smiling so big right now. Someone just walked into my office and asked me why I was smiling and I said........"Lauren"!! "Chloe". I am in heaven when I see them. Thanks honey for today's installment. xoxoGIGI/MOM HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAUREN!!!!!!!!!!!