Monday, October 25, 2010

Seriously Now.

I mean…C’mon!


Mommy & Me today was pretty much a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Much like my kids.

Doesn’t hurt that I am ACTUALLY in a photo with them.


And my hair isn’t up in some scraggly bun that gives away that I am some sort of over-worked stay-at-home mom whose house pants currently contain the contents of a snotty nose, 20 sticky syrup finger marks and perhaps some leftover waffle breakfast.

Because that’s not my life.

I would never wear my comfy pants out of the house.

Ok. wait. that’s not entirely true either.

But, the good news is that TODAY, Yes, today, I actually wore real pants.

I didn’t want to scare away the moms.

But I’m not above saving my food for snacking on later.




Anonymous said...

I can see that the girls don't like this mommy and me class at all. Too bad it isn't everyday. It looks like the 3 of you are having a great time. So much to see and learn. They are truly adorable and I love them with all my too Jenny. And Chris. xooxox GIGI. I will miss you all.

Anonymous said...

Jenny. You are beautiful! Your happiness shows all over your face! xoxoMOM